Word Count Wednesday (6)

Word Count Wednesday is my way of sharing my weekly writing progress with you and holding myself accountable for not giving up.

So without further ado, this week's "Word Count" for Super-Secret Project/Codename: FIZZYPOP:
(Why Fizzypop? IDEK...it sounds fun!)

This week: 0 pages :(
Total to Date: 74 pages
Start Date: March 2, 2011

How far is this in terms of a word count? I'm not sure. I get 150-400 words per page depending on how small I'm writing and/or how many cross-outs I have. (Plus, that gets me an extra round of editing!)

Yeah……I feel horrible about how little writing I’ve done. Every time I sit down to write, all I can think about are the books I still need to read for Fairy Tale Fortnight. It distracts me and my brain can’t stop thinking about everything I have to do. Plus, I feel guilty for taking the time away from my reading. I already took time out to read two books not coming out right away that I can’t review, but still wanted to highlight during the event, so that’s sixteen books. The three books I have left to read are on the longer side now…unless I switch things up. Not that I regret anything. I love the books I’ve been reading and am so happy to be sharing them ALL with you, especially the two future ones (I’ll spotlight the other tomorrow or Friday).

At the same time, I ALSO feel guilty b/c I haven’t been writing. I was doing so well…and just getting to the good stuff! I hope to get back on track next week!
Then again, I always have the problem where… When my head is full of everyone else’s characters, it’s hard for my own to live there as well. It’s why I went on a Reading Hiatus for so long last year. Right now, it’s especially tough because I’m reading fairy tales, and what I’m writing is a fairy tale, but not the way these are. I haven’t read anything based on what I’m writing (Does it even exist? This tale is obscure…), which helps, but the type of fairy tale is completely different. There are other books I should be reading that will keep me in the right mindset. All these books do is make me want to live in a fantasy world!

When I DID think about writing this past week, it was to come up with ideas for my high fantasy brainchild that I started a couple years ago for NaNoWriMo and put aside. I think I mentioned it on here recently when talking about worrying about whether or not I chose the right title to focus on. I got two major ideas for it this week, though. I’m not sure how to connect it all together, but when I figure it out, I know that this story will be the stronger for it! Now I’m glad I wasn’t focusing on it; I wasn’t ready!

I also maybe, possibly have a critique partner now. It seems like we’ll mesh well, but time will tell. More on that another day, but it was exciting news for me!

Next week, here I come! I’m ready for you already…!

That's how my week went! Do you have a WIP at the moment? What was your word count this week? To date? Let's support one another! This week, I hope you did better than me!!!


  1. Well, I guess you can look and the bright side and say you are really dedicated and excited about fairytale fortnight. Its been a lot of fun.

  2. Gina: That's true! I loved every minute of FTF and catching up on some of my fairy tale backlog (sadly, there's a lot more left!). I wouldn't have missed it! I do feel sad that my writing was neglected, though1


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