New Feature: You're Gonna LOVE Me!

I decided to create a new feature entitled You're Gonna LOVE Me! after a conversation with fellow blogger Small Review regarding what to do when reading ARCs months before the book releases. (Do you all have "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls stuck in your head now? I know I do! I think I'll hear it every time I post one of these now...)

On the one hand, if a review is posted now, you'll all forget about it by the time the book actually comes out or be dying to run and grab it that very day (when you obviously can't). At the same time, if I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek, I want to thank the publisher for their kindess by hyping it now and rewarding you all with a look at what's to come. Small Review linked me to a conversation on a January post by The Perpetual Page Turner. I really liked this comment from publisher Molly O'Neill:

In a perfect world, I'd love if (for ARCs you get really excited about, at least), you posted twice: once just briefly, right after you've read (all gushy but also informational, saying that you just finished this book; it was great; linking to the author's blog or Twitter or such; and when it comes out). Then, closer to publication (within a couple weeks before or after the official pub date), you could post your full actual review. And you could of course have written right that right after you read it, so you don't forget anything; you'd just held off on pressing post till later. A two-pronged approach like this lets you help to build buzz/get books on the radar of other readers without spoiling the reading experience for anyone.

I decided to make a new feature that will hopefully be the type of net etiquette that other book bloggers utilize as well. I'll be posting information about the book such as its release date and publisher, briefly highlight the synopsis, and give you a teaser to whet your appetites.

Feel free to join me and spread this style of ARC blogging!

[Are there any changes you would make?]

[Also, thank you to Small Review for the ultra-informative post regarding how to make colored boxes to type in. It really punches this feature up, no?]

If you do something similar, I'd love to see it! Please post your links for me here. I'm eager to see how other bloggers are handling ARC Buzz. ^_^


  1. I love this idea! I really like how you talked about the book a little and made recommendations for who would like it.


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