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Happy Valentine's Day, Bookworms! I hope you're reading something you love today. I know I plan to be! (And also: It amuses me that the time is 8:14 a.m. It would amuse me even more if it was 2:14 a.m./p.m., but I was sleeping during the first momentous moment and will be working during the second.)

This past week, I discovered the UK covers of the Maximum Ride series for the first time. For the most part, I vastly prefer them to the US editions. Since today marks the release of Angel, the penultimate book in the series, I thought it was appropriate to focus on the different covers.

The first row is what the books originally looked like when released in hardcover. The second row is the recent paperback re-design of the Teen Edition. Believe it or not, there's yet a THIRD version of these covers when the books get re-released in paperback to the Adult Fiction section. The come out in Teen Paperback about a year after the hardcover release and then mass market about six months after that. I can't wait that long because I'm impatient, so I buy the hardcovers...which means that none of the books have a uniform look to them. ^^;

There may be more editions than this. A lot of these are featured on the original UK website for the series. At first the UK just used the same cover as us, but now they're getting creative and I must say, I really prefer these covers, especially the images on the top row for The Final Warning and Max. They just look "right" for the series, you know? The US editions just look like regular teens, but these versions look special. (I have no clue which version is paperback, hardback, teen, adult, what-have-you...)

Which edition do you like best? There are so many to choose from, aren't there?

I'm SO excited to read Angel! After this next post, you won't hear from me again today because I. Must. Read. ...NOW!


  1. I think I like the UK versions best. I've never read the series but the UK covers would make me want to pick up the series more than the US covers. Here's my Cover Crazy. Now following!

  2. I'm very partial to the teen edition. I am in shock there are so very many different covers for the same series - WOW!

  3. Great covers! Its hard to see which I like best... both sets of covers are great!

  4. I don't really like any of the covers, but I do agree that the UK ones look the best. I'm surprised at how many different covers there are for this series!

  5. I love that you included the US and UK versions in your post. I am not a fan of these covers and have not read the books, but I do think it's interesting how the covers change from country to country.

    Reading Lark's Cover Crazy

  6. I love looking at how different countries interpret the story and make their own cover.
    Neat idea to post them both.

    Here is our cover Crazy:


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