New Kane Chronicles Revealed!

Last week, Rick Riordan announced the title of the second Kane Chronicles book on his blog and revealed the front cover.

. . . Are you ready? . . .

Are you excited? Yeah, me too! :-)

Sorry I didn't mention this sooner. I had been checking Riordan's blog every day for the announcement, but we didn't have internet for part of last week because we re-wired the router wrong after re-arranging furniture, etc. I'm excited, though! You know what's even more exciting? You can read the first chapter right now, right here.

Any guesses about the book's content?

I still don't get why it took so long to announce the title of the book coming out May 3rd--3.5 months away--when we already know the title of the book coming out in OCTOBER--8.5 months away--but, you know... As long as we know now, right? One reason I took so long in posting O n e s T o W a t c h 2 0 1 1 was because I was waiting for this announcement. Guess I'd better go update the list!