Ones to Watch: December 2010

At the beginning of each month, I like to point out upcoming titles that seem worthy of being read. Granted, this is just my opinion on books that I personally want to read. This month, the list is light due to the holidays. Most of the books came out in November. My wish list was ridiculously long! December will be a catch-up month for me. :)

DISCLAIMER: I'm all over the place when it comes to genre, so there will most likely be books that don't appeal to you. There might also be something you're looking forward to not on the list. We're sure to have some titles in common, though! (There's also a good chance I won't get to every book I want to read, so if doesn't show up as a review here, it doesn't mean I didn't care for it! Plus, there are some books that I may want to look at due to a summary or cover image but may decide not to read because it's not *my* personal type of book, and that's okay, too. Still pointing them out early!)

S P O T L I G H T O N : V I X E N B Y J I L L I A N L A R K I N

The Flappers is a new trilogy by debut author Jillian Larkin. The books take place in the roaring 20s, a decade growing popular again thanks to HBO's Boardwalk Empire. I've always liked the era myself. In fact, Thoroughly Modern Millie has always been a favorite musical of mine, in part due to the era in which it takes place. It was nice to read something where Larkin mentioned this as one of her inspirations. I was lucky enough to receive/read an ARC of Vixen thanks to the Barnes and Noble First Look Club and got to talk a little with the author. The series is fresh and different from everything else in the Teen Dept. right now. Plus, the cover is gorgeous, no? (I'll have a review of the book up closer to Launch Day!)

o n e s t o w a t c h ( D e c . 2 0 1 0 )

D e c . 7:

*Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner: I love the title's pun. Definitely makes you take a second look. I've always been a fan of ice skating, so this story sounds like a light, enjoyable read.

D e c . 1 3:

The Gift by James Patterson: I still prefer Maximum Ride, but I liked the Dystopian thread running through the first book in this series, Witch and Wizard. This book will determine if I continue reading the series with subsequent releases.

D e c . 1 4 :

The Flappers: Vixen by Jillian Larkin: Featured above!

D e c . 2 8 :

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher: The sequel to Incarceron is finally hitting US bookstores! If you like Dystopian novels and haven't read Incarceron, you should do so soon. I also like that there are only two books, so no more waiting after Sapphique! Plus, SUPER gorgeous cover design. It's worth owning these books in hardcloth because the paperbacks will never even begin to compare. (Again, I'll have a review of the book up closer to Launch Day based on an ARC copy!)

So, which books are you looking forward to this month, Bookworms? Any of the above? Something I totally missed? I want to know! I feel like I must have overlooked SOMETHING. Can there only be four things I can think of worthy of greedy little paws?