{Vlog Review + Giveaway} THE MAGICAL HISTORY OF UNICORNS by Russ Thorne: Perfect for Unicorn Lovers, Writers, and Book Connoisseurs!

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This past June, I picked up THE MAGICAL HISTORY OF UNICORNS when I found it in Barnes and Noble's Bargain Bin for $7.98. I thumbed through it and filmed this video, then held off on posting it until now because I knew everyone would want to know about it during Magic, Myth and Mischief!

I picked it up right after reading and reviewing THE FAERIE HANDBOOK and THE MERMAID HANDBOOK by Carolyn Turgeon (And the Editors of Faerie Magazine). I loved the two of those because they are amazing resources for both fae/mermaid lovers and writing resources for those of us who write fantasy. I was hoping for the same with THE MAGICAL HISTORY OF UNICORNS and wasn't disappointed!

THE MAGICAL HISTORY OF UNICORNS is broken down into sections containing information and stories about Myth and Magic, Faith and Legend, Real Unicorns, Medical Marvels, War Horse, Artful Creatures, Bookish Beasts, Superstars of the Screen, and Unicorns, Updated. There are more literary sections that appeal to older readers, as well as fun whimsy that will encourage even children to dive in. There is a mix of history, lore, and fun, and the book is a treasure for anyone who adores unicorns or wants to learn more about them. The book is full of gorgeous, often full-page illustrations, bits of history and lore, quotes from books, record of the earliest mention of unicorns in history, peeks at modern day movies and TV shows featuring the majestic creatures such as The Last UnicornShe-Ra, and even Lady Gaga music videos. Every page is a new discovery, for both casual fans and mermaid experts alike!

Take a peek inside the book with me:

Thorne recently released a second book in the series, The Magical History of Mermaids, which I just picked up (also in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble!) and plan to review soon--hopefully this month during Magic, Myth, and Mischief!

The GoodReads summary states,

A popular phenomenon in the modern era, sightings of mermaids have been recorded throughout ancient history, appearing in times of trouble and disaster. These elusive creatures exist powerfully in imaginative literature and have become a source of inspiration for artists throughout the world. This delightful history is illustrated primarily by new artists.

I'm already excited to dive in!

O F F I C I A   I N F O:

Title: Russ Thorne
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
Received: Purchased

Unicorns have appeared in mythological and religious texts for thousands of years. Often the case of a mistranslation, or mistaken identity, these mystical creatures have built a legendary history that now revels in the landscapes of modern fantasy fiction, novels and popular culture in general.

This beautiful new book contains a huge range of gorgeous unicorns, painted in many different styles by modern artists, but all treated with the respect and wonder such a creature deserves. See the magical forests, and the life-giving rivers of the elven realms, the flowing tresses of the princesses and white witches who tend the unicorn, see the young and the old, the white and the black unicorns, and submit to this joyful celebration of a mythology brought to life.



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