One of the best fan-made productions of The Little Mermaid (and other music videos featuring fairy tales, too!) I have EVER seen!!! Come watch it now!

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Earlier this year, I saw a really fun video on YouTube that I fell in love with and have since watched several other videos from PattyCake Productions.

The video I fell in love with was "The Grande Mermaid" starring Emma Dahlin as Ariel, Jean Paul Acocella as Prince Eric, Emoni Wilkins as Ursula, and Rachel Copland-Evans as Vanessa. Instead of dialogue, the 5 minute film is fueled by lyrics from various Ariana Grande songs that the cast sings, and they work so well with the plot.

The graphics are spot on. I'm especially impressed with the short film's rendition of Ursula!

So much effort and creativity went into making this amazing video. (And I'd LOVE IT if they uploaded a behind-the-scenes video because I just can't get enough of this!)

I am so obsessed with it--and PattyCake Productions--and if you like mermaids or retellings, you HAVE to discover it! I'm actually surprised they haven't gone viral on YouTube yet! Only 1 of their 18 videos has hit a million views!

In addition to The Little Mermaid, there are videos for the Disney villains entitled "Look What You Made Me Do," Beauty and the Beast entitled "Beauty and the Bieber," Sleeping Beauty entitled "Michaeleficent," "Snow Spears and the Seven Dwarfs" featuring lyrics from Britney Spears, a Taylor Swift-influenced "Cinderswift," "The Will of Oz" featuring, a Greatest Showman influnced bio about Walt Disney entitled "The Disney Showman," and non-fairy tale videos based on Hocus Pocus, The Avengers, Batman, The Walking Dead, and LaLa Land. Which one will you watch first???
  (Oh, right, "The Grande Mermaid," below! ^.~ I've also embedded the intro video that has snippets from all their other videos so far!)

Take a peek right now:


 YouTube Link

I can't wait to hear if you love this video as much as I do!

Which one will you watch next?