What I was up to in July, and why I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately!


Slowly catching up....

I have been so overwhelmed by my TBR the past couple of months. I basically read nothing in May and wound up reading my May overdue stuff in June and my now-overdue June stuff in July. I finally got through the bulk of the pile and have just begun reading for next month's event...which I wanted to begin doing at least two weeks ago, lol. But at least I feel as though I can breathe again!

I managed to read 14 books in July, which is actually AWESOME. It just feels like...not enough, you know?

But I have definitely been lighter on the posting end because I've felt so overwhelmed lately. You can really see it this month! I hope to have a much more productive August! I want to do MORE than just unboxing videos/posts (Especially since I've FILMED more!) and BroadwayWorld trailer reveals, you know? My goal is to always have at least two reviews a week, and that just...hasn't happened as much as it should this summer. 

But I'll definitely be making up for it in September because.....


Did you miss our announcement? We want YOU to take part in our September month-long event centered around retellings (Fairy tales, mythology, and the classics, of course!) and fantastic beasts of lore (Dragons and mermaids and fae, oh my!). Want to do a guest post or review a book? Want to promote your novel? Email us! Details here!

So much to look forward to!

I am so excited for fall. There are so many amazing new releases on the horizon. And OMG, there are author signings around here pretty much every week in September/October!

I'm only sad that I probably can't get to a lot of new releases until November. I have all the event reading to do for September and then I want to do a huge Throne of Glass re-read in October that could take most of the month. Help, I'm feeling overwhelmed again already and it's only August!!!

YouTube and Instagram Goals Check-In:

I've been really good about my goal to vlog more frequently, but I keep forgetting to upload stuff. Today I managed to delete a video I haven't posted yet because my computer glitched and deleted the wrong file and I noticed as I hit EMPTY TRASH. Grrrrr! If I had done it a week ago, it would have still been backed up in my Dropbox trashcan. And I don't have the book anymore to re-do it.

I also need to get better about posting all the videos I do on here so you guys actually get to SEE them. And I've been bad about scheduling blog posts to Twitter lately as well. *le sigh*

I've been pretty good about posting regularly to Instagram as well, though I also a lot of stuff stored on my phone. I really need to do more because space is at a premium with all this back-up, lol! I just always hesitate to post stuff if I'm at work and it's data-only or something, you know?

What kind of videos/photos would you guys want to see me do more frequently?

July Book Haul!

This will be up on YouTube Tuesday or Wednesday. 

I was putting the video together this morning and realized I didn't have a file for "purchased" books. I must have deleted it off my phone thinking I'd uploaded it already. So I have to re-film that part. I'm sorry!!!

But here's an image of everything I was able to screengrab from the video intro:

Birthday gifts and purchases and review copies, oh my!


I saw two DIFFERENT local productions of The Hunchback of Notre Dame this past month. And I'm seeing a third in September. Yes, I might be a little crazy! I went with a friend to see an Equity-mounted production, then went to a summer stock performance with a friend who will be in a regional production in September. And so of course, I have to go again in September to see my friend in that production! ^.~


I haven't watched too much lately. I'm trying to think...I might have actually watched anything in July? Can that be true? I guess I did catch up on a couple of Once Upon a Time episodes when I visited my Dad. And I watched Black Panther again. I'm excited to pick up Infinity War next week...

Huh. I guess I haven't had my TV on much this summer!

That was my July.

How was yours???

Here's a look at everything that happened this past month!


None atm. Check back soon!

Check out the August Blog Tour Schedule for more upcoming giveaways!
(Most blog tour stops feature giveaways as well!)

Nothing this month, actually. I took time off to prepare for the September event! Plus, I really needed to catch up on my TBR because I was so backed up. I just couldn't take on any more obligations this month. Sorry!


{All links to Goodreads!}

*A TOUCH OF GOLD by Annie Sullivan


SO MANY RETELLINGS for Magic, Myth, and Mischief!!!!

I have a huge pile and because I've been on such a tight reading schedule, after the first four books I've promised for the event, I want to just go with my mood and feel like I have a little control over what I CHOOSE to read and enjoy at my own pace, you know? So I won't list them here or I'll just feel overwhelmed about something FUN.

[link to my GoodReads account so you can see my blurb feed as I read]
{All links to Goodreads!}

TOTAL: 14 novels

Here are some thoughts about each of these books:
(Below times link straight to that part of the video if you only want to hear what I thought about select titles! ^.~)

*WHAT MY SISTER KNEW by Nina Laurin {Adult}
*KISS OF THE ROYAL by Lindsey Duga {YA}
*PS I STILL LOVE YOU by Jenny Han {YA}
*THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken {YA}
*NEVER FADE by Alexandra Bracken {YA}
*IN THE AFTERLIGHT by Alexandra Bracken {YA}
*THE DARKEST LEGACY by Alexandra Bracken {YA}
*WILDCARD by Marie Lu {Upper YA}
*The Ivy Chronicles Trilogy by Sophie Jordan {Adult}
{All link to our reviews!}

*KISS OF THE ROYAL by Lindsey Duga {YA}
*DRAWN TOGETHER by Minh Lê & Dan Santat
*THE DARKEST MINDS Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken

REVIEWED AT BROADWAY WORLD...so you may have missed it!

*Check out everything I reviewed at Broadway World this past month in tomorrow's wrap-up!
(Because I forgot to do it yesterday. Sorry! It was mostly trailer drops, etc. this month because there was just so much good stuff happening!)


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