Fairyloot July 2018: THE POWER WITHIN -- This box was a bit disappointing, I'm sad to say!

I'm not going to lie: I was disappointed with the July 2018 Fairyloot Power Within box. It arrived after people had been posting about it for at least a week, and it had a misprinted item--which I knew about in advance, thanks to an email from FL. 

That stuff is out of their control. It's fine. I was REALLY excited for the CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE item, though, and it was bent and couldn't be fixed. The sticker was bent as well and won't stick flat. 

And the big item, the magical mug they hinted about? It doesn't actually change color under water for me. So I was pretty disappointed this month with how few items were usable! They usually have better quality control than this. 

 That said, I'm still really excited for the August box. I love the fandoms and can't wait to see what they're including! 

 How was your experience this month?

Here's my unboxing for July:

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What are your favorite items this month?