Torn Between Worlds: Second Star July 2018 Unboxing: A Great Box with an AMAZING Cause!

Earlier this week, my first-ever Second Star Books subscription box arrived.

What I love about this box the most is that...

1) "Literacy is so important, but the unfortunate reality is that not everyone has access to the books and tools they need. Second Star Books is proud and excited to be able to help out however we can. For every box we send out, we also donate a book to a child in need. We work directly with underfunded schools and libraries, as well as with existing literacy charities."

2) "We are the only YA book box focused entirely on promoting debut authors. We are dedicated to helping you find your new favorite author by sending the best books by the newest authors on the block! Each box is specially curated around the featured book, giving you useful, high-quality items to enhance your reading experience. At the end of every month, we host the Second Star Book Club, where subscribers get to meet with the author via video for a live chat about the book!"

I'm really impressed by their mission statement and the thought that goes into every box. It is AMAZING that a kid in need gets a book every time someone buys a box. Truly amazing!

Also, rather than other boxes, which give you a book and stuff the box with merch from popular fandoms, you get merch from the books in the box. Don't get me wrong, I love merch from beloved series, too! But I LOVE merch from brand-new books, too. I love that FairyLoot usually has at least one related item and that the back of their author note is now an art print from the included book. It's fantastic! So I love that Second Star Books does this, especially since the featured book is always a debut! And there's always a second book, too. This month, it was a quiet book that needs more love. I love that we got that!

Today, my friends Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are helping me unbox my first Second Star Books box! Ummm, and Tink is already trying to permanently borrow all my goodies....

(Plus, you get a sneak peek at my writing office, you lucky ducks! ^.~)

YouTube Link

My favorite item this month was the candle. I don't own a lot of wood wick candles, and I can't wait to hear the crackle while smelling the sea. It is a perfect candle to write to! It will also be great to light while reading the including book, because it will take me away to that world....

What are your favorite items this month???