Owlcrate: STRANGE & UNUSUAL // July 2018 Unboxing

Yesterday, my July OwlCrate arrived, whoo-hoo! I’ve been waiting to get a finished copy of this book in my hands!

Yesterday when I left the house, I tried to upload my Nerdy Post Hamilton Box from the day before and something failed. I shouldn't have left halfway through the upload, but I had to get to work. What can you do? I should have just gotten out of bed 15 minutes earlier, lol! So I'll re-upload that around noon, I think. I hate having two videos quite so close together! Owlcrate went up around midnight!

I was a little nervous about this month's theme. The revealed item was from Stranger Things, which I've never seen, and it was a "Strange and Unusual" theme. I was hoping we wouldn't have any horror included and, luckily, we didn't! Granted, there were definitely were two items in this book I already know I won't use, but at least one will make a nice gift!

Owlcrate also announced the July theme:


It's going to be a title full of fantasy and family! My guess it will be the "late July release" that we got a month early in our June Fairyloot! (Watch the video here if you want possible spoilers!) I don't need two copies of the book. But they say it will be a really unique cover, so maybe they're changing the whole thing a la Fairyloot? I don't really like the US cavern this book! But the large item they hinted about online sounds like a must-have!

I believe the June Strange & Unusual box actually hasn't sold out yet, so if you love what you see in this video, you can snag your own box RIGHT NOW and have these items!!! You can also use it to lock in the August box! Go try it out and save some money!

Sign up for the July Box now using this special link and the discount code  WELCOME10! 

Are you ready for a peek at the July box!?

YouTube Link

My favorite item this month was definitely the wearable/usable item! But I also loved the sticker, and the...uh....container item!

What are your favorite items this month???