Girl Power! These 8 Graphic Novels will take you on fierce, adventurous quests that prove girls can kick some serious butt, too!

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Love graphic novels? Want more books featuring girls who kick some serious butt and don't need saving? Then you're going to LOVE today's post!

I'm on tour with First Second Books, an imprint of Macmillan (Fierce Reads), and I have eight amazing graphic novels to share with you today. They'll appeal to kids, teens, and adults of all ages!

Today, I created a video reviewing all the books and series on tour:

Scarlett Hart, Monster Hunter by Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor -- a Victorian tale of derring-do and also girls fighting monsters.

Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G -- a bunny-filled fantasy adventure of a kingdom in distress and some reluctant (and non-reluctant) heroes.

The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson -- a historical San Francisco adventure of a girl who accidentally ends up in fairyland. 

Star Scouts by Mike Lawrence -- a girl scout adventure -- but in outer space! 

The Chronicles of Claudette by Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado -- a fantasy adventure of defying expectations and friendship (and monsters).

Today, I created a video reviewing all the books and series on tour. But if you don't want to watch a video--which I totally get!--here are brief thoughts on each of the books!


Cucumber Quest is a series that's perfect even for young readers; it's great for all ages. They aren't scary and they aren't violent. The series has only begun, too, and will likely continue for a total of 5-7 books depending on how long each leg of the quest runs! The series stars a brother/sister team trying to save the world from the Nightmare Knight. Cucumber never wanted to be a Hero. He's a scholar, and excited to go to the exclusive school he got into and learn more about magic. His sister Almond, on the other hand, is training to be a knight and knows all about swords and stuff. So why does everyone brush her off in favor of him just because she's the little sister?

The series uses bright, fun colors that will appeal to all ages and has a anime-esque quality to it. I love that all Seven Kingdoms have unique naming patterns. Everyone from the Doughnut Kingdom has a food-inspired name. Everyone from the Ripple Kingdom has a sea-inspired name. While those are the only two kingdoms we've been introduced to so far, there are characters from other realms we have yet to visit based on their names alone!


The City on the Other Side is historical fantasy. It takes place shortly after the San Francisco Quake of 1906. The Seelies and Unseelies are waging war on who gets to control their land, and a human girl named Isabel finds herself mixed up in the thick of it. She must deliver a magical necklace to the Seelies, because if the Unseelies get to it first, the world will forever be unbalanced. Their war is already spilling over into the human realm, causing things such as catastrophic earthquakes.

This series is perfect for anyone who loves fae-inspired lands, alternative versions of history, and, of course, thrilling adventure!


Scarlett Hart, Monster Hunter is the first book in a series for anyone who loved Buffy or Ghostbusters, or anything involving monster hunting! It's a little darker and has a bit of violence to it, so it's not for the youngest of readers. Middle schoolers will love it, and younger readers who don't scare easily and like a little grit to their graphic novels will be enthralled as well. But it definitely has scary parts!

What's really cool about this series is that it's set in the Victorian era. Scarlett's parents were both Monster Hunters who died in action, and now she's taking up the family business. The only problem? She's underage, and if she gets caught, she could lose her family's legacy! But someone is creating monsters just to trap them and claim the reward, and she's not about to let them get away with it!


Star Scouts is a sci-fi graphic novel series great for readers of all ages. Fan of Guardians of the Galaxy? You'll love the way citizens of different planets work side by side as Star Scouts. Are you a Boy Scout or Girl Scout? You're going to love this, too, because there are badges and other scout-like activities!

Avani Patel is thrilled to receive an invitation to try out for the Star Scouts, but she doesn't expect orientation to crash her onto a hostile planet that's never seen aliens before. As a human girl and an Oxygen breather, she looks odd to them, as does her partner, Pam, though Pam at least can breathe the same methane as the rest of the planet's citizens. The two girls don't get along, but they're going to have to learn how to get along and work together if they want to make it off this planet in one piece!


The Chronicles of Claudette is perfect for readers of every age. Like Cucumber Quest, they aren't scary and they aren't violent. The series is complete with three books, from GIANTS BEWARE to DRAGONS BEWARE to MONSTERS BEWARE. These books are definitely the opposite of violent. A person or object (such as a sword) can live in a monster's belly for days or years and come back to life without ever having been digested. They just live in the belly. So little kids will really appreciate that twist!

They feature a kick-butt girl named Claudette who wants to go off and have adventures. She's the opposite of a girly-girl: You won't catch her in a dress or doing her hair and make-up! Her best friend Marie, on the other hand, is the epitome of a girly-girl and dreams of growing up to become a princess. She even loves going to etiquette classes! Claudette's brother Gaston doesn't want to be a hero, either. He loves baking and would rather be in the kitchen. But when Claudette hears that a giant who loves eating baby toes wasn't KILLED, but EXILED, she swears to go off and finish the job. Who knows if he'll come back!? OF course, she has to rope Marie and Gaston into helping her! The three unlikely heroes could never do this on their own, but using their individual strengths, they make a great team over the course of three books!

Here's my video review of the books:

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What are some of your favorite graphic novels featuring fierce, adventurous females?

Thank you to First Second and Macmillan for having me on tour today!