TWO unboxing videos because my OwlCrate AND my Fairy Loot arrived yesterday and THEY ARE BOTH FANTASTIC!

Today, I have a special treat for you!

Yesterday, I got TWO book boxes in the mail. TWO!!!!

I no finished filming my Fairy Loot Unboxing when the mailman showed up with my OwlCrate! It took at least an hour for me to clean up/upload the videos to Dropbox off my phone make sure my phone was charged enough to record, and be ready to open my OwlCrate. Talk about patience!

Last month, I did a comparison video unboxing the two most popular YA subscription boxes at the same time because everyone always asks,
"Which box should I get? Fairy Loot or Owlcrate?"

Last month, I loved Fairy Loot the best. This month, I love OwlCrate the best. Just wait until you see all the pretties!!!

Both boxes are celebrating anniversaries this month. FL themed to the occasion with "Memorable Moments" and put SO MUCH THOUGHT into what they were including in their box. OC themed to the color of the book's exclusive STAINED PAGES. So almost every item in the box was my favorite color. I was in heaven!!! (And the February ARC in the Illumicrate "Rise Up box had exclusive stained pages in the same color. Come look!)

First, let's take a peek at the Fairy Loot "Memorable Moments" Box:

YouTube Link

Next, let's peer into the OwlCrate "Across the Universe" Box:

YouTube Link

Both boxes had candles that smelled AMAZING and will also look great on instagram! One of the boxes had a mug I was obsessed with. And of course, those stained pages, aieeeee!!!!

In my OC video, I mentioned that if you like YA Retellings set in space such as The Lunar Chronicles, you should read STITCHING SNOW by R.C. Lewis. Here is my review and my cover design analysis video, as promised!

What are your favorite items this month???