{Review} GREEK GODS #SQUADGOALS by Courtney Carbone

O P E N I N G   L I N E:

(pg. 1, US Hardcover Edition)

Greek Gods #SquadgoalsParodies never grow old, and that's because humor is a universally appealing tool. If you can learn something while also giggle snorting so hard you fear you might have done permanent damage to your nasal passages, you're pretty much set for life. A parody is an ingenious way to tackle a concept or theme that is familiar to the reader, while also breathing in some new life that makes it feel exciting, and engaging in a way the reader may not be used to.

The Omg Classics series has been on my radar for a while, specifically because it takes familiar stories and plays them out with humor and 21st century technology. GREEK GODS #SQUADGOALS is the first one in the series I've picked up and read and I honestly feel like it was the PERFECT starting point for me. I've always been interested in Greek Mythology, but normally I need to have it diffused throughout a fictional fantasy. What Courtney Carbone gives us is an intro to mythology course that doesn't feel at all like work. It's a super fast read because every page is set up in social media format like fb posts or text messages, complete with emojiis and shortened text speak. An example can be seen above in the Opening Hook portion. This means you fly through the book, and don't even realize how much actual factual information you've retained until you get to the end and start spouting off facts. The humor is absurd at times, witty at others, and always relevant to the types of social media conversations we have in the 21st century. Imagine Zeus with a dating app, or King Midas trying to text on a phone that's turned to solid gold. I grinned through the entire read and LOL'd more than once. I was familiar with some of the common greek mythology, but there were a lot of cool storylines that played out which I knew nothing about.

If you're interested in taking that sometimes hard to follow mythology and breaking it down into a 21st century parallel where battles to the death have a facebook group and gods and goddesses rock hashtags while plotting against each other and mortals, then GREEK GODS #SQUADGOALS is a book for you!


Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) for details

Romance: PG ( Light sexual innuendoes )
Language: G ( No cursing unless you count text curses like WTF )
Violence: PG ( Gods and goddesses get pretty violent, but everything is handled with humerous abstract )
Other: --
C O V E R   D E S I G N:

The cover of this book signifies the humor and parody you'll get on the inside too. The backing of the painting is serious and recognizable until you throw in the lightning bolts, phone, and emojii face and then it's just absurd. So beautifully absurd you want to know more.
O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Author: Courtney Carbone
Release Date: November 7th, 2017
Publisher: Random House
Received: Received for review


OMG Classics, the greatest stories ever told . . . in texts. Imagine: What if Mount Olympus got WiFi and the gods and goddesses had smartphones? The classic Greek myths get new life in irreverent and hilarious texts and posts!

Zeus, a king of the gods always in search of a new bae.

A squad of goddesses who can't resist stirring the pot.

And the selfie-obsessed heroes out for all the likes.

If you have trouble telling Perseus from Theseus (#Greek2Me) or have ever wondered about Oedipus's tragic dating profile or why Medusa's Instagram never got traction--this satirical book of Greek myths retold for the Internet age is for you! tl;dr D'Aulaires' and Homer's Greek myths told through characters texting with emojis, posting photos, checking in at locations, and updating their relationship statuses. The perfect gift for any reader--young or old--with a sense of humor! A glossary and cast of characters are included for those who need it. For example: tl;dr means too long; didn't read.