Unboxing the Fall 2017 "Velvet Dreams" ORLY ColorPass Subscription Box!

This has nothing to do with Magic, Myth and Mischief, but we're taking a break from that on the weekends, so I figured I'd slip this video in!

I know a lot of you don't care about nail polish, etc, but I love it! If I spend my $$ on nail polish and take time to do my nails, I won't want to bite my nails! And they're so weak from years of biting that they break easily, so painting them helps keep them stronger, too!

(Though of course, they'd all break a day or two before filming this video! Uhhhhh, short nails!! Especially when doing a nail video!)

Instagram is constantly telling me about ORLY's annual ColorPass Subscription. Using the coupon code VELVETDREAM, you can get $10 off the subscription. It's $99 for a year--no shipping/handling. That breaks down to $25 a quarter, less than $4 a bottle.

For that price, you get the entire, full-size set of all six ORLY colors in their Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter collections. PLUS bonus goodies! This month, the bonuses were a velvet choker necklace and a Matte Top Coat. 

I debated buying this every time I saw it pop up because there was only one color I NEEDED, "Velvet Kaleidoscope." It's a dupe for ORLY "Space Cadet," a highly coveted colors nail bloggers always gush about that sold out really fast and is hard to come by. I wanted this legend for myself!

I really liked "Just Bitten" and "Blue Suede," too, but I'm positive I have similar colors. Was it worth the price? And what if I didn't like/need future colors? It's not like a book subscription box where you can cancel each month once you know what's inside. 

I've been haunting Sally's Beauty Supply for the new ORLY Velvet Dreams Collection, but they haven't had it out. Are they getting it?? I don't know. My mom got sick of me fretting over it and gifted me a subscription, though--and she'll wear a lot of these colors, too, so we both win in the end!

Here's a look at the unboxing:

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