Announcing a futuristic sci-fi retelling of Les Misérables in Space from Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell!

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Yesterday, I told you about two just-announced upcoming retellings set in space, one revolving around the tales of King Arthur and the other around Anastasia

One of the authors, Jessica Khoury (FIREBIRD, the upcoming Anastasia retelling), mentioned that there is ALSO a sci-fi rendition of Les Misérables coming in 2019!

Are you ready to hear more???

This news was released way back in March, and somehow I never heard about it. Even though I LOVE Jessica Brody. And I LOVE Les Mis. What the what!?

I'm so incredibly excited for this retelling!

Which of the three 2019 space opera retellings are you most excited for so far?

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