Unboxing the April 2017 Owlcrate! (And guesses for May 2017 with its EXCLUSIVE Cover!!!)

Last year, I purchased an Owlcrate for the first time in November 2016 because I knew it was going to be a HEARTLESS box with an exclusive cover.

This time, I was interested because of everything in the box!

I recently received my first-ever Novelly Yours candle order, and I was excited to see what they'd include in the box. I've also been wanting to try out Storiarts for a long time, but haven't bit the bullet yet. So I was excited to test out the quality of their products! They also hinted at an exclusive by Evie Seo, and her designs are always amazing!!!

So.....I decided to try it out, even though I knew the book would be contemporary. But it was a book that sounded interesting, so I was willing to give it a try, especially since Mandy is also interested in the title!

Are you ready to see everything that arrived!?

Here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

No time for a video? 

Here's an image of everything that came in the box:

I'd be likely to buy a box again in the future. 
How about you???

And!? Owlcrate JUST ANNOUNCED that the next six months will feature EXCLUSIVE covers:

So now I'll have to find out what's coming, because I do like my special covers! ^.~

The only thing I can think of that it could be is ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS by Francesca Zappia (Which I can't wait to read, actually!!! I've been trying not to read the ARC I have for in case the final version has better illustrations!!). It's about a girl who draws a popular webcomic, so that would fit in with the comic theme!! 

The book doesn't come out until May 30th, though, but if it's an exclusive cover from HarperCollins, maybe it's an exclusive early shipping date as well!?