{Vlog} Showing off TWENTY THREE books from the latest Book Outlet sale!!!!

So, Book Outlet just had a HUGE sale. 15% off their already super-low prices (Like, SERIOUSLY LOW. I've never seen a book for more than $7, and most are less than $3 each!!), PLUS free s/h over $40!!!

So OF COURSE I put together an order (Even though I'd just done a big order in February).

THEN I told my mom about the sale. She needed about $10 to get free s/h, so I found, uh...six more books? Then she found a few more? ^^;;;

I wound up with 23 books from the sale!!!

Ready to see them all?

(As a special bonus, I'll also give you a quick glance at my mom's haul at the end!)

Without further adieu, here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

No time for a video? 

Here's an image of everything that came in the box:

Sorry, it was late at night when I took this, so it's a little dark!!!

I'll definitely be buying from Book Outlet again in the future. 

How about you???

Which of these books would you move up my reading list!?