{Vlog} Reviewing Three Collectible Beauty and the Beast Magazines: Which Will You Choose?

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Are you as excited about Disney's new live-action movie Beauty and the Beast as I am? I've seriously been haunting stores and checking out all the cool merchandise available for sale!

When I saw that there were not one, not two, but THREE Beauty and the Beast themed magazines at my local Barnes and Noble, I snapped them all up. (Two were in Current Events/Entertainment and one was in Family if you go looking!) 

Believe it or not, these magazines are all vastly different from one another! I was expecting them to be different renditions of one another, all with the same glossy pictures and speculation. All three collaborated with Disney.

The first magazine is very picture heavy, perfect for collages and wall hangings and art projects!

The second has an in-depth look at the Behind-The Scenes of the making of the movie, as well as the original animated movie. What went into it? How were costumes designed? What went into the music? A true keepsake for anyone wanting to learn more about the movie!

The third magazine is the least about the Disney movie. It's more for fairy tale lovers, as it talks about several different versions of the tale and displays artwork from various cultures. Also a true keepsake, and a great glimpse at the history of this beloved story!

Here's a video that shows you the various magazines and what you'll find inside so you can decide which version is right for you! 

YouTube Link

Which Beauty and the Beast magazine is your favorite!?