Finding Cinderella in Dreamworks' Trolls!

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This past month, I've seen Dreamworks' Trolls more times than I care to admit. (And yet never all the way through in one sitting, though I'd say through bits and pieces, I HAVE seen the movie in its entirety by now.) My three-year-old niece is OBSESSED with the movie. Last year, she saw it in the theater for her birthday--and it was her second-ever Movie Theater Movie. She's been talking about the movie and Poppy ever since. Now that it's on DVD, she begs her mom to watch it just about every day. So it's on every time I go over to visit!

All images in this post are ©Dreamworks' Trolls!

What I never realized before was that a secondary storyline in Trolls was based on the fairy tale Cinderella. It's not something I've heard people talking about, so I wonder if I only picked up on because of my fairy tale loving heart. forewarned: You'll never watch Trolls the same way again if you keep reading!!! (Plus, it's a small spoiler for a scene later in the movie!)

Zooey Deschanel play Bridget, a scullery maid who has the biggest crush in the world on King Gristle, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

(Not only is Princess Poppy apparently a Fairy Godmother thanks to her magical hair,
she's also my niece's FAVORITE character!!!)

The main Troll in the movie, Poppy, has been caught by Chef along with all her friends, and is soon to be dinner for Bergen King Gristle, who has been told he can never be happy unless he eats a Troll on Trollstice. The Trolls are all in Bridgt's safe keeping until the upcoming celebration.

Poppy acts as Bridget's Fairy Godmother, and together, the trolls transform her from scullery maid:

(Need a close-up?)

To Girl with the Swanky Outfit and Bodacious Hair:

In disguise, Bridget gets to go on her dream date with King Gristle!

She even leaves a roller skate behind when she flees from King Gristle at the end of the scene.

And Trollstice? Is basically the Bergen equivalent of Cinderella's ball scene! ....Mashed into the end of Cinderella. And even though Chef is definitely NOT Bergen's Stepmother, she reminded me of the Stepmother at times with how evil and mean she could be!!!

Here's a video someone mixed together on YouTube featuring King Gristle and Bridget if you want to speed-watch all the Cinderella-influenced moments!!!

Have you seen Trolls yet? Did you catch this fairy tale reference!?