Blind Unboxing...a huuuuge box of books from Book Outlet!!!

Last month, I put together my second-ever order from Book Outlet. And I filmed my unboxing. (And, uhhhh, forgot to post it until I ordered from the website again this week during their big sale!?)

I bought a TON of fantasy books, and it wasn't that expensive! All in all, most books were between $1-$4!! And a lot of them were in hardcover!!! (One or two of the adult hardcovers were $5-$6, but that's still a very good deal!!!)

So, here's what I bought and forgot to post online for you!

I'll do one again in a week or so when I have my new package of books. There have to be about 20 books coming to me, and it was MAYBE $60 for the whole lot!!! And free s/h. I can't wait to receive them!!!

Without further adieu, here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

No time for a video? 

Here's an image of everything that came in the box:


Plus, they accidentally sent me two copies of one title and three of another. When I called them to see about returning the extras to them, they asked if, rather then spend s/h on returning the books, could I please donate them to charity? 

I was super impressed with this response. 

A++++ company!!!!!!

I'll definitely be buying from Book Outlet again in the future. 

How about you???

Which of these books would you move up my reading list!?