10 Wonderful Dresses Belle Could Wear...and sneak peeks at the movie version's ballgown & wedding dress!

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Beauty and the Beast is in theaters this weekend, and there's a ton of buzz surrounding it. Heck, we're dedicating a whole week to it!!!

But...I've got to admit, I'm a little nervous, too. Will the music hold up? Can everyone sing--and sing well? Will the new songs be fantastic? (They are, after all, booting my favorite song "If I Can't Love Her" in favor of a brand-new original number for Beast entitled "Evermore" for Award Contention...) Will the costumes be gorgeous? I want to love this movie so, so much...but I'm also a little afraid!

There was a lot of buzz when Disney "revealed" Belle's dress because it wasn't quite...magical? I'm really hoping movie magic will bring enchantment to the dance scene!

I'm super-obsessed with the dance scene and ballgown from Disney's last big live-action Princess movie Cinderella:

AND there was an absolutely STUNNING wedding dress....and if the Funko Pop Figurines are anything to go by, Belle's going to be sporting a wedding dress, too:

I'm, uh....hoping Disney did MUCH better because the Funko Pop is just O.O

The movie's Instagram account DID tease the dress:

So here's hoping, right!?

I mean, LOOK at this Cinderella gown:

*bites nails*

I REALLY need these dresses to be gorgeous!!!!

Then again, Belle's dress IS yellow, which is a notoriously hard color to get right in a way that's gorgeous and not odd or costume-y.

I decided to go browsing around on Pinterest for gorgeous yellow dresses because I'm still hoping to be blown away when the movie comes out.

Here's another close-up look of the dress that Emma Watson wears in the movie for comparison: 

If you're lucky, you can see it at an exhibit you as the costumes travel the country!)

Here are a few of the yellow beauties I found:

(I decided to share ten of the beautiful dresses with you, because, well, ten is a nice, solid number, right!?)

This is a $1500 dress you can snag on Etsy! It looks like Belle's dress come to life, doesn't it?
This dress was previously for purchase from DH Gate!

This Luulla dress is only $166, and would have been a really pretty dress for Belle!!!
You might not be able to tell, but this designer LOADED the dress with Swarovski crystals
on the lace and bodice appliqué!!!

Someone on Polyvore put this combo together in a way that would look lovely!

This stunning gown is from 1902. It's the "Oak Leaf Dress" designed by Worth for Lady Mary Curzon ca. The dress now resides in the Fashion Museum, Bath.

This is a Victorian-inspired Belle gown you can snag on Etsy!
This gown, believe it or not, is only $218.99. It's from JJ's House and designed for a Quinceanera!

This yellow beauty is from the Chrystelle Atallah Couture Spring-Summer 2015 Collection!

What are you excited or nervous about when it comes to this movie!?