Discussing...Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass and Why I--*gasp* LIKED It!!!

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Okay, a lot of people complain about Disney's live-action Alice in Wonderland movies. I totally understand...and in some instances, I feel the same way! Especially with the first movie, because it was trying too hard.

But...if you take the movies on their own and let the stories be new and different and unique...they're actually quite interesting!

I especially enjoyed the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, which just came out on DVD (I'm hoping to snag it at a good price Black Friday or put it on my Christmas List!)

What I really loved about the new movie was the way Time became a character. Time is barely mentioned by Lewis Carroll--but is personified as male. For Disney to take this little crumb of information and center the movie around Time was amazing. It was a brand-new story, and we didn't know what to expect as we watched!

The visuals for Time were also stunning...and it really shows how far Movie Make-Up can go because seriously, the back of his headpiece!!!!

 (I know, you can barely see it here, but...it leaves a surprise for when you watch!)

And let us not forget his heart:

 Time is a character, but he is also, you know, TIME. Minutes, seconds, hours. He is a notion come to life. I really like the way Disney visualized such a creation!

The feats they achieved with creating a story for Time endeared the movie to me. It doesn't matter that it can be a little uneven or awkward in other spots. It doesn't matter that there are a couple of character designs I still don't prefer. This is Wonderland. Wonderland is Zany. Wonderland is Nonsense. Wonderland doesn't have to make sense. When I take the movie for what it is, I like it so much! I'm excited to watch it again now that it's on DVD.

I'm curious...what are your thoughts on the movie!?