Discussing Frank Wildhorn's WONDERLAND Cast Recording

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I'm always up for a good musical! One of my favorites is Frank Wildhorn's Jekyll & Hyde (Who is perhaps more famously known for The Scarlet Pimpernel). When I heard that he had created his own spin on Alice in Wonderland, I immediately wanted to see it, to hear. Because musicals and fairy tales COMBINED!? Be still my beating heart!!!

I never had the pleasure of seeing the show live, but I do own the cast recording of Wonderland. While the musical is, sadly, a little more scattered and less memorable than Wildhorn's other, more famous shows, it still has a few stand-out songs--and performers, too.

Plus, the story is very original--Alice is a mother in today's contemporary society going through relationship woes--and she falls down an elevator shaft. (Ouch!!! But also kind of a cool spin on the rabbit hole!) Very different!!!

The White Knight is probably my favorite character in the show, with a great message about believing in yourself...and Darren Ritchie's voice is especially nice to listen to, though at times, his numbers feel a little boy band.

If you like Wonderland retellings and you like listening to music, it's definitely worth a listen.  There are a lot of different musical styles at play, so while the songs don't necessarily all fit together, they give each character a shape and tone all their own, which is really cool. Plus, it's Wonderland, so it's supposed to be disjointed and nutty, right!?