Let's Talk About That MOANA Teaser Trailer!!!

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Watching the Tony Awards this past Sunday night, I was so excited and surprised to see a teaser trailer for Disney's Moana, coming November 23, 2016.

I love that they dropped it during the Tonys, taking advantage of the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda helped work on the score on the night that he was receiving so many accolades for his work on the musical Hamilton. I still think a lot of people haven't yet realized that he's done both, and that is going to help get a lot of extra attention for this film.

I'm so glad Moana is coming out this year! Originally, it wasn't going to come out until 2018 and we were supposed to see Nameless (Based on Rumplestiltskin) and Giants (Based on Jack and the Beanstalk) first. Princess Power was dying. Then Frozen happened, and as Lin-Manuel Miranda might say, the world turned upside down...

Believe it or not, Moana is an original story from Disney. They'd been having trouble securing rights for various ideas, so they decided to go with something original. That doesn't mean they won't incorporate some of the myths and legends from the South Pacific, but it's more original than not.

While the film will predominantly feature CGI, it's also going to mesh some traditional 2-D art into the story, which is really exciting!!! In fact, you can see some of the traditional-style art in the teaser trailer when we see Maui's tattoos!!! I love that they're doing a blend!!! 

Haven't seen the trailer yet? Take a peek!
There's also an awesome interview after the trailer with Auliʻi Cravalho, the fourteen-year-old from Hawaii cast in the role of a lifetime!!!

What are your thoughts on Moana so far?
Are you as excited to see a full trailer and hear the music as I am!?
I'm so, so glad that the Disney Musical is back thanks to the success of Frozen!!!