When Technology Fails!

Hey bookworms!!!

I'm sure you're all wondering why I've had very few updates recently.

Aside from the fact where I was ill YET AGAIN *and* now I have the "fake" illness of allergies...

...I've been having a LOT of technological difficulties lately.

My computer forced me to update to Windows 10 and gave me no choice in the matter. Since then, something has been wrong with my mouse touchpad AND my real mouse. The computer ate my mouse batteries, so I assumed they were new and put in new batteries. Those brand-new batteries barely lasted (They normally last months!! These were from a brand new package!!). My touchpad goes out every 15-20 seconds. I'm lucky if I can use the touchpad once before it freezes again. It makes it REALLY hard to do ANYTHING on a computer, let me tell you!!! Especially since you need your mouse when you're formatting and linking, etc. I might wind up needing to buy a new laptop, which is annoying. This one is only about a year and a half (Two and a half?) years old!!!

I COULD have worked via my Smart Phone, it's true! Except....the motherboard in my phone kicked the bucket and I had to mail the phone in to Samsung for a replacement, so I haven't had and won't have it for a while. (Only 6 months old!)

I've just been REALLY unlucky lately!!!

It makes staying on top of things like blogging really difficult, and that's especially sad because I have some reviews I've been saving to share with you for great upcoming releases such as THE WINNER'S KISS by Marie Rutkoski (Which means I can't promote the awesome giveaway I'm running where you can WIN A COPY!!!) and WHEN WE COLLIDED by Emery Lord!

Please bear with me through this annoying period and know that I'm truly sorry to be so behind on my updates for all of you!!!

Annnnnd, if you celebrate, have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!!!

...Now I have a song stuck in my head!!! My blog title, "When Technology Fails," reminds me of a song from Shrek the Musical called "When Words Fail."

I'll leave it with all of you now. I hope you enjoy it, because it took me about 5 minutes to copy/paste the link from YouTube since everything kept freezing up!!!