When Book Covers Become....Video Game Weapons!?!?

Have you ever woken up from a strange dream, and while you barely remember it, you still think, "Well, that's cool!"

That just happened to me this week.

It's weird how reality seeps into your dreams. Earlier in the day, I'd been looking at the digital ARCs in Adobe Digital Editions to see what I wanted to read and when (including RUINED by Amy Tintera). That evening, I watched Marvel's Ant-Man for the first time.

Imagine having a superpower where you can reach into the cover of a book and pull out the images...and use them as weapons in a video game.

That was the premise of my dream. The character (I dream in characters, and rarely as myself! I'm weird, I know...) reached into the cover of RUINED by Amy Tintera and pulled out the rings to use in battle:

There was a stack of book covers...or books themselves? on the ground Tarot style. She just reached in and GRABBED the weapon she wanted.

Honestly, that's all I remember about the dream. I think I actually woke up soon after that.

But it got me thinking....

If there was a video game that had a main character able to harness book covers to do battle, which covers would be included?

Here are some of the covers *I'd* choose 
if I was the game developer. 
What would you choose???

 You always need a good sword!And what if this sword had reflective abilities!?

A bow and arrow is another must.
I've always loved how gorgeous this set is!

Maybe you need to poison your foe so they move a little slower...
...or you need some healing vials for yourself! 
(And maybe I play Final Fantasy too much...)

Because a good throwing knife is worth its weight in...pearls?
As long as  you have good aim, these can be quite deadly!

If you're practicing Japanese martial arts, you need a proper katana!

If it's an RPG, you're going to need a magical staff for your magic wielder!!!
How else will you recover from all those battle wounds and do the big elemental magic?


Maybe you need a spear for range....or to hunt so you have 
food to eat on your journey?
Let's face it, in RPGs, you don't JUST battle deadly enemies. 
You have to kill animal foe as you make your way across the plains as well!

Okay, I probably wouldn't REALLY choose lipstick ammo as a weapon, but this is one of my favorite book covers EVER. And some video games have guns and need ammo. I guess they can't all be fantasy weapons!!! Or maybe this is a sparkly cutesy video game for young girls, where using lipstick ammo turns enemies into glittery pet friends? Who knows!

ALTHOUGH, have you SEEN Agent Carter? Poisoned lipstick definitely has a place in the world of weapons!

What book cover weapons would YOU use in a video game fight!?