I Won a #JoinTheResistance Prize Pack from Macmillan & The Lunar Chronicles! Come See Everything They Sent Me!!!

Do you guys remember when I blogged about how Marissa Meyer is coming with a Lunar Chronicles collection of short stories entitled STARS ABOVE and put together a #JoinTheResistance campaign to promote the upcoming release of WINTER?

Wellllllll by posting about that and being active on Twitter and bringing awareness to the campaign, I was randomly chosen as one of five #JoinTheResistance winners!!!

Yesterday, I received a huuuuuuuge package in the mail on my day off and had to open it immediately...and then share it with you guys right away!!!

The amount of goodies that Macmillan crammed into this package for me to share with future fans of The Lunar Chronicles is amazing, and I can't wait to help spread the word and sign new people up for the resistance!

Here's a visual if you don't want to watch that video (But in the video, I read the descriptions on the postcards, etc, and show you more detail on the various items!)

Isn't that awesome???

I plan to share a lot of these goodies--especially the samplers and books!!--with both current and future fans of the series to get everyone excited for WINTER!!!

Are you excited for WINTER???