Did You See the Gena Showalter Cameo on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK? (And Other Literary References)

For anyone living under a rock, Netflix has a very popular series entitled Orange is the New Black.
I don't have Netflix and I've never watched it *goes to find that rock* but I've heard that the series has tons of great literary references.

If you're a fan of shows that quote books and authors, you may just love Orange is the New Black!

There's a really cool Tumblr account that sums up a lot of the books being referenced on the show--complete with gifs! I discovered it when I found a fun article that summed up some of these authors/titles.

I got wind of the fact that Orange is the New Black has this fun quirk because Harlequin Teen put together a fun gif when the new season quoted their author Gena Showalter!

Have you seen it yet?

No? Well, here you go!

Do you have a favorite literary reference from the show?

Are there other shows you like to watch because of all the references hidden?

I know I always feel a little smaller when I "get" a reference in a show or movie!