2 New Posters, a movie trailer, & overall thoughts about franchise finale MOCKINGJAY, Part 2!

Have you guys been following The Hunger Games news for information about the upcoming finale Mockingjay, Part 2...or just seeing the buzz on social media?

Whether you watch the movies or skip them, they've made The Hunger Games mainstream AND introduced SO MANY kids, teens, and adults to reading--and to YA in particular!

It's been a long time since I read the trilogy (Want to see my thoughts? This was one of my earliest reviews!). Seeing these posters and seeing particular scenes in the new trailer make me want to cry all over again. This series is SAD. Even if you've only seen the movies, you already know this!

I'm super-squeamish so I haven't embraced the movies like the rest of the world, and I'm especially fearful for this finale, but I think it will be powerful and that the franchise has been handled lovingly.

I've ALSO heard that Suzanne Collins was asked to expand upon Mockingjay to clarify a few of the points she had to rush since Scholastic asked her to keep it under 400 pages back before they knew what a classic they had on their hands.

This week, I ALSO heard that the cast got together to film the finale because they had to let their set get green with new growth. Sounds exciting!!!

Here was the first poster released from the new movie, which debuted at the Cannes Festival earlier this year:

Here's the latest poster, which reiterates the fact that this will NOT be a light, happy movie but a violent struggle to the death:

(In case you don't recall, here's an image of that statue intact from a Mockingjay, Part 1 promo poster:)

And here is the very first trailer--coming in at almost a whopping minutes, it is not REALLY a teaser, but a real trailer!!!

Are you excited for the series to come to an end? Emotional? Not ready to say good-bye? Will you be heading to the theater on November ?