Teen Author Carnival 2015 and Sneak Peek Photos of the BEA Showfloor!

Hey Bookworms!

This week is a book lover's Dream Come True!

Books, Books, Books!

I went to the Javits Center yesterday to register and took these great pictures of titles being promoted in big ways! Can't wait to explore more thoroughly today! 

Want to meet up this week at BEA?

Look for the girl with the TFIOS nails:

I might also be wearing one of these tops:

Don't be shy; stop and say hi!

Here are some of the highlights so far when you walk into Javits:

I'm so excited to read this!!! 
Norse mythology from Rick Riordan!

Ready for a sequel to Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium Trilogy?
A new book from Erin Bow, the author of PLAIN KATE!? Yes,please!!
I'm hoping to snag this one on Thursday during Harlequin Teen Hour!
The sequel to LEGEND is here!
I love this staircase!!! They're REALLY hyping ILLUMINAE!

I was also lucky enough to go to the Teen Author Carnival at the Jefferson Library for the third year running! 

The first panel I attended was "Only Time Will Tell" about using a constrained amount of time to tell a story, and featured (in order of below photo) Rebecca Serle, Lance Rubin (I so want to read his book DENTON LITTLE'S DEATHDATE now!!!), Adi Alsaid, Marieke Nijkamp (Her debut THIS IS HOW IT ENDS is chilling, but definitely a Must Read!), Tommy Wallach, Leila Sales, and Jennifer E. Smith:

The second panel was "The Road Less Traveled" about world-building, and featured (in order of below photo) Claire Legrand, Melissa Grey, Virginia Boecker, Alex London, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Alexandra Bracken, and Susan T. Dennard:

I asked a question about genre at the first panel and received a bag stuffed with books. I asked a question about world-building outside your preferred genre at the second panel and won MORE books, including my #1 Most-Wanted BEA Title, TRUTHWITCH by Susan T. Dennard. Ahhhhh!!!!

 ...And then I treated myself to some FroYo to celebrate, yepyep!

My week is already off to an amazing start!!!!!