{A Twist in the Tail} Introducing TRIXTER by Alethea Kontis!

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You guys know how much I love Alethea Kontis, right?

She is an AMAZING human being and her fairy-tale influenced Woodcutter Sisters series is absolutely worth a read!

This week, Alethea self-published a brand-new spin-off series,  
The Trix Adventures!

We got a cover, a synopsis, AND the book itself in one fell swoop!

Best of all?

The first book in the series, 
is only $3.99!!!! 
(For now, it is exclusive to e-book, but will be available SOON 
in paperback AND hardcover!!!) 

You can read TRIXTER on its own without reading any of the Woodcutter Sisters books because it takes place simultaneously with HERO and DEAREST. Each book is self-contained and focusing on one Woodcutter family member.

New to the world of Alethea Kontis?
I've previously reviewed ENCHANTED and HERO and DEAREST,
along with my review of her novella BLOOD & WATER!

Alethea Kontis has also stopped by A Backwards Story several times to talk about her books, fairy tales, mermaids, and more because she's awesome like that! *loves her*

Here's her interview about ENCHANTED,
a flash fiction piece entitled "Well Behaved Mermaids Rarely Make Fairy Tales,"
a guest post on "Families in Fiction,"
a guest post on "The Real Peter Woodcutter,"
a guest post on "Behind the Scenes with Alethea Kontis as she reveals the missing FINAL chapter from her latest published novel DEAREST,"
and a guest post entitled "I Dedicate This Post to You!"

She's also shared two of her famous fairy tale rant videos, one about Rapunzel and one about Cinderella and how it inspired her novel ENCHANTED!
O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Author: Alethea Kontis
Release Date: May 3, 2015
Publisher: Alethea Kontis

Trix Woodcutter, The Boy Who Talks to Animals, embarks on a grand adventure, only partially of his own choosing. Compelled by a vision of his dead birthmother, Trix runs away from home only to be whisked away by a magical sea. 

He encounters chaos, enchantment, and a host of magical creatures...and in the process, he finds out more about himself.

Sometimes we are slow to see in ourselves what others see in us.