{Guest Post} Rachael Turns Pages Reviews The Princess Series by Jessica Day George!

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Today, Rachael from Rachael Turns Pages has stopped by to review the Princess Series by Jessica Day George!

Rachael has previously stopped by to review TOWERING by Alex Flinn and I'VE visited HER blog and shared my guest post " Eight Reasons It Would Be AWESOME To Live In Rapunzel's Fairy Tale!
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I have been wanting to read this series since I first fell in love with Fairy Tale retellings. The first book was at my library and I always saw it on the shelf. So I kept putting the series off because I knew that I could pick the book up whenever I wanted to. This year I finally decided that I would start the series and binge read the series. This was a great series to binge read.

I loved the characters of the Princess series. Some authors would struggle to have 12 characters and have them all somewhat involved in the story, but George pulled it off. She managed to give each character a different personality so I wasn't confused. Some of the sisters had a small roll in all the books, but some had pretty big parts also. There was one main sister for each book. It was Rose in PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL, Poppy in PRINCESS OF GLASS, and Petunia in PRINCESS OF THE SILVER WOODS.

PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL was my favorite book of the series. The storyline and fairy tale retelling were very strong in PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL. I also fell in love with Galen, which is the love interest in PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL. Christian and Oliver were great love interests in the other two novels, but I did not fall in love with them the way I fell for Galen. The mystery surrounding the worn out dancing shoes made a strong story and mystery for PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL.  PRINCESS OF GLASS went off this original story to a different story. PRINCESS OF GLASS could almost be read on its own. PRINCESS OF THE SILVER WOODS comes back to King Under Stone to wrap up the mystery.

I enjoyed reading this series. These were the first three books I have read by Jessica Day George and I look forward to reading more books by George in the future. For now I recommend this series as a must read for fairy tale retelling lovers and people who enjoy the fairy tale of The 12 Dancing Princesses.


My name is Rachael. I want to give a huge thanks to Bonnie for letting me guest post over on her blog. Rapunzel just so happens to be my favorite fairy tale ever since I was little. I run the blog Rachael Turns Pages and have been for a little over a year. I review any book under the sun, but my favorite kind of books to read are young adult contemporary, fairy tale retellings, and dystopian. I also read quite a few adult authors and enjoy reviewing their books also. In all truth I like to keep my blog interesting by keeping variety on it.

I'm currently a college freshman and somehow although not so gracefully balancing blogging with studying, friends, and other responsibilities. I'm an elementary education/special education major.