{Guest Post//Vlog} Introducing Fairy Tale App Metalalia!

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An ever evolving story telling project, Metalalia began when writer Alex Nicholson and musician Pam Shaffer found themselves in a long distance relationship from LA to the UK. He would read his stories aloud to her while she played her songs for him, as they both loved each other’s art. One day, they decided to combine forces and have Pam score a story that Alex had written. They also thought it would be lovely to have one of their friends make visual art to go with the story, much like an illuminated manuscript, but for the iPad. Suddenly, an idea was born and the project began.

Metalalia features the talents of Alex and Pam in collaboration with a pool of brilliant visual artists. It is a growing collection of original stories alongside reimagined traditional fairytales all with their own original score, gorgeous narration, and stunning artwork. Fairytales and myths are such a vital part of our culture and we have made it our mission to craft stories that reflect the diversity of our 21st century world.

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"Beyond Books: Metalalia"
by Alex Nicholson

As a child, there was nothing finer than getting tucked up for bed with someone to tell you a bedtime story. These days we might be a little old to be tucked in, but a new e-reader has the bedtime story well in hand.

Metalalia is an iOS and web app that retells classic fairytales, folk stories and myths, planting them in new settings and liberally watering them with spell-binding musical scores, stunning art and the soothing narration of British writer, Alex Nicholson. 

Ably led by LA-based musician Pam Shaffer, Metalalia was launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, with their three launch stories:
The Hair Woven Rope, a soaring Ghibli-esque tribute to Rapunzel set on a floating fortress protected by daring biplane pilots.
The Wind-up Boy, a dark and epic retelling of Pinocchio in an alternate steampunk Europe riven by war.
The River Girl, a fever dream-like story adapted from the Thai folktale of Mae Nak.

They've since released BADWOLF, a digital fantasy in which Little Red Riding Hood must protect the last bastion of humanity from a malevolent computer virus. More stories are round the corner, with new writers, artists and musicians contributing to the growing collection!

Metalalia is free to download for iOS, with additional stories only $2.99 each. The web app is currently in development, which you can check out for free at www.metalalia.com/app.

If you have feedback on the app, or if you'd like to contribute your talents to the project, you can get in touch with the creators at metalalia.the.app@gmail.com. Or you can follow them on Facebook [www.facebook.com/metalalia], Twitter [www.twitter.com/metalalia], Tumblr [metalalia.tumblr.com] and Soundcloud [https://soundcloud.com/metalalia].

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For Fairytale Fortnight, Team Metalalia shares the story of its conception 
and their hopes for its future.