Top Ten Books/Items I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing This Year!

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This week's topic:
Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing This Year

I am doing a Top FIVE.

I actually asked for five books for Christmas this year...
...and these are the titles I'm hoping to receive!

I'll round out the list with some non-bookish items that I really, really want and have asked for.  (Books first, of course!)

How's that for a compromise?

In No Particular Order...

1) TROUBLED WATERS by Sharon Shinn

I've been eyeballing ROYAL AIRS since it was out in hardcover, but I never got around to picking it up. Recently, I discovered that the book is now in paperback. I was going to buy it, and then I saw that it was the second book in a series. So I should probably pick up the first title in the series, TROUBLED WATERS, too, right?


2) ROYAL AIRS by Sharon Shinn

I've been eyeballing ROYAL AIRS since it was in hardcover. Such a pretty cover! I love her outfit, and the fact that this is an Elemental Blessings novel? Well, I love books about the elements! WANT!!!

3) GATHERING DARKNESS by Morgan Rhodes

Confession: I still haven't read book two in this series...but I own it! I was waiting for all three books to read them together since FALLING KINGDOMS had such a huge cast of characters to remember.
....Now I find out that there are going to be five or six books. AND a spin-off trilogy. I'd better catch up now!!!



This is one of my favorite book covers of 2104. It's so, so pretty in person! I received an ARC of this one at BEA earlier this year, and while it was the first BEA book that Kat read, I never got around to it until this past week. It's been sitting on my TBR pile staring at me. I've been trying to get around to more of my 2014 "Potential Best of the Year" books this month, and knew how much Kat loved this. I wound up really liking it as much that when my dad asked me what books I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a finished copy! I was afraid to read this because I heard it was a CINDER knock-off, but that's not the case AT ALL and I really loved it!

5) OF BEAST AND BEAUTY by Stacey Jay

I read an ARC of this novel back in the day, and I never bought a copy. I was waiting to see if tehre would be a bait-and-switch cover re-design when THE PRINCESS OF THORNS came out, because I like my books to look uniform. 
...Not that the books look like one another ANYWAY. At this point, I don't care. I just want the book!!!

My interview with Stacey Jay!


6) INTO THE WOODS Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

My all-time favorite musical ever and ever and ever is...Into the Woods.

I'm really excited (and also really nervous) about the upcoming movie. 

When I buy musical soundtracks, if a 2-disc edition or special edition exists, I ALWAYS think it's worth the extra money. So I only want the deluxe edition of the movie soundtrack!


Okay, Peter Pan Live! had issues. I know this. I admit this. Christopher Walken was the biggest issue. But that's neither here nor there. The sets were fabulous. The choreography was fantastic. And getting a bunch of the Newsies to play Lost Boys? Brilliant! I own DVDs/Blu Rays of the majority of musicals that I can get my hands on, so I want to add this to my collection!

8) THE LEGEND OF KORRA: Season 3: Change

I tend to watch each season of this series once it's available to buy. Nick just never puts it on at a decent time, I miss any re-airs, and it takes forever to come on-demand. And now it's online-only, and I tend to not watch TV from my computer. But the third season is now out, so the blu-ray is a gift I bought myself this past week when I saw a steal of a deal! ($15!)


I've been playing LittleBigPlanet since I first got my PS3, since LittleBigPlanet 1 came with my console. I was sad when I heard LBP3 was coming out, since I have no intention of buying a PS4 anytime soon, and then I heard it was on sale for PS3 as well. 

Sackboy, let's get reacquainted!


Raschel Throws are some of my favorite blankets in the entire world. I call them my "fluffies." They're so soft and cuddly and warm and comfortable! AND they're only $7.98 or something like that at Walmart (Don't be fooled by the ebay people trying to sell them to you for $20-30!) I stumbled upon them a couple of years ago by accident and took one home. Now I have two of them (One with horses and one with a fox). Last year, I got one for my mom. This year, I got one for my dad and my sister-in-law. I also picked out one I'd like, and my mom is giving it to me. It's a beautiful snow leopard 
[Both pictures are from ebay!]. 

I just love his expression:

I also like the way he's peering through the ice. The photography is stunning!

I think the raschel throws make amazing gifts, and they're also beautiful. It's great to cuddle up with when you just want a little something extra because it's nippy in the house!

What are you asking Santa for this holiday season? ^_^


  1. Nice list of books!! Here is my TTT list for the week:

  2. Of Beast and Beauty is SO GOOD! I'm so sad more people aren't reading that book because I loved it! Hopefully Santa leaves you some goodies under the tree this year! Here's my Top Ten!


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