12 Days of Giving: Once Upon a Time Collection from ULTA

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On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Fun Fairy Tale Bath Products!

When a new beauty line (or any line, really) comes out that is inspired by fairy tales, I want it all. Even if I don't need it. I WANT IT.

Earlier this year, ULTA came out with the Once Upon a Time collection. Every time I go into ULTA, I see it and I want it. I was at the store last night, and the collection was part of the Buy 2, Get 2 FREE sale, so the opportunity to stock up has never been better!

Each scent consists of a 3-in-1 smoothie (Shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath, all in one) and a sugar scrub.


How brilliant is it to theme the Cinderella-inspired fragrance after PUMPKIN? I love it!!!

Snow White

Snow White, of course, has to have an apple theme! And the apple is so dark...could it be poisoned apple in a bottle!?

Once Upon a Time

I like that one of the scents is called Once Upon a Time, the essence of fairy tales themselves! But unlike Cinderella and Snow White, there's not one scent out there to embody all fairy tales. So instead, ULTA took the classic, well-known tale of "The Gingerbread Man" and the fact that in the fall/winter, people love gingerbread, and they created a scent that feels completely appropriate!

Final Thoughts

I would have loved to see more items in this collection: Hand lotion, lipgloss, etc. Fairy tales are classic and this collection is too cute. It had the potential to be such a big moneymaker for ULTA!

It's still a great gift idea for someone obsessed with fairy tales. It's also a great idea for someone you don't know very well or a pollyanna, just because it's so fun and creative, and NOT "just another bath product." I love it!


  1. I hope they don't release eyeshadows along this life, because I've already got that (http://www.printcess.net/collections/544826-fairytale) ;)
    But I think you're right- three scents seems like too few. What about roses for Beauty and the Beast? Fresh hay for Rumplestiltskin? Vetiver for Sleeping Beauty? Hmm...


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