12 Days of Giving: Fun Bookmarks!

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On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...


What bookworm doesn't love a good bookmark?

Even though I have a fancy e-reader, I still like to read physical books, too. While I often mark books with envelopes, money, receipts, bits of paper...whatever's lying around the moment I need one (Because my bookmarks are ALWAYS hiding), I still love a good bookmark!

Here are three I purchased recently at Barnes and Noble (Hey, local gifts you don't have to buy online! Go support your community and get instant gratification!)

50 Books to Read Before You Die

Okay, so... I've actually owned this first bookmark for a few years now, but I saw it on the bookmark spinner as I was buying the other two. I still love it, so I thought Id' show it off!

It's still in really good condition and was made with a strong metal. I could have taken it out of the packaging, but I really like the images and structure of the packaging and think it makes the bookmark better, so I've kept it in tact all this time!

At $6.95, it's more expenisve than most bookmarks, but it's also made with much better material and it holds up!
ISBN: 9781615560882

For the Physical Book Lover

I have an e-reader. I love my e-reader. But this bookmark is HYSTERICAL. Whether you just think it's funny, or whether you're anti-e-books, this bookmark is spot-on perfect!

It retails for $2.95.
ISBN: 9781441315304

For the Beach Lover

I'm a huge waterbaby. I love the beach. Most of my favorite animals are water dwellers such as dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, etc. I adore books about mermaids. When I saw a bookmark with a book+beach theme, it was in my greedy hands faster than you could blink!

This is a great bookmark to use all summer or take on vacation for that mid-winter cruise!

It retails for $2.95.
ISBN: 9781441314703
Final Thoughts

Bookmarks make great gifts, and are completely customizable. They sell bookmarks for fandoms such as Doctor Who and Harry Potter, there are quote bookmarks (see above...my favorite type!), there are pretty bookmarks with animals or images of nature, and there are even bookmarks depicting slices of bacon. Any bookstore or stationary store should have some, and you can also find some really creative, handmade ones on Etsy.

These three are only a small selection of what you might find at a store near you!