{Review} CHU'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex

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Back to School is always a busy time, and for young children, it can be scary, especially if it's their first time. Did you know that there's a huge market for school books, especially ones talking about that all-important First Day? THE KISSING HAND by Audrey Penn, FIRST DAY JITTERS by Julie Danneberg, THE NIGHT BEFORE KINDERGARTEN by Natasha Wing, MONSTERGARTEN by Daniel J. Mahoney...the list goes on and on. Go into your local bookstore in early August and you'll see displays stuffed with such titles. This year, a new book bound to become a School Classic is CHU'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Adam Rex.

CHU has a lot of things working in his favor. His stories are written by popular fantasy author Neil Gaiman, so parents will pick this one up on name recognition alone. Many kids will have heard of Chu before, too. He previously awed kids everywhere in CHU'S DAY (Which just released in board book form!) and will return next year in CHU'S DAY AT THE BEACH. When kids love certain characters, they want to be just like them and emulate their heroes. So if Chu enjoys going to school for the first time after being worried about it, they know they will, too!

In CHU'S DAY, we're introduced to Chu, a little panda with a very, VERY big sneeze. Bad things happen when he sneezes, especially when he tries holding it in! When Chu goes to school for the first time in CHU'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, Chu's classmates all get to do a Show-And-Tell of One Thing They Love To Do. And Chu decides to share his very extraordinary sneezing ability! By the end of the day, he realizes that he can be himself and make friends at school, so he's no longer worried!

In case you missed the first book, CHU'S DAY, here's a fun video of Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex reading the book at Books of Wonder (One of my all-time favorite bookstores!). It's hilarious to watch, and you're in for a real treat. Happy Storytime!

The origin story behind Chu is really interesting. After discovering that Chinese children were banned from access to Gaiman's previous titles in the genre due to the way they interacted with their parents, he came up with a lovable panda bear named Chu. He made sure that the panda wasn't too naughty and that there wasn't major conflict with his parents so that children across the world could read his books. Here's an adorable picture of Gaiman in China with a real-life panda:

©Photo Courtesy of Neil Gaiman

O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Title: CHU'S DAY
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Adam Rex
Release Date: Jan. 8, 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
Received: For Review

Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze.
When Chu sneezes, bad things happen.
Will Chu sneeze today?
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Adam Rex
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Publisher: HarperCollins
Received: For Review

It is Chu's first day of school. 
Chu is nervous.
He hopes the other boys and girls will be nice. Will they like him?
What will happen at school today?
Will Chu do what Chu does best?


  1. Awe, these look adorable! Chu appears to possess the magical power to rapidly become a classic like Curious George or Paddington, huh?


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