Introducing...Sirena Von Boo from Monster High!

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A few weeks ago, I was thumbing through the Target ad and a mermaid caught my eye!

Monster High was coming out with a mermaid doll named Sirena Von Boo.

Take a peek:

The illustration of Sirena intrigued me, because there's a new design on her tail and her arms:

It made me want to see what the doll looked like in person. If I was the sort of person who collected dolls, I'd be all over this release, because she looks really good:

Plus, she's purple, my favorite color! But I really, really love that tail! Her design is so awesome, I even added her to my Mermaid Pinterest Board! I really enjoy looking at her. It's a shame my niece isn't old enough for dolls yet!

Here's a Monster High Wiki entry with her statistics, personality, history, etc.
You can buy Sirena Von Boo straight from Mattel. And I don't know about now, but a couple of months ago, she WAS at my local Target!

Finally, here's a YouTube review of someone unboxing and showing off Sirena Von Boo if you want to see her up close and personal!