{A Twist in the Tail} Help Kickstart VALOR: A Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines!

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I have a new Kickstarter to announce, everyone!

 Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon, who write the free online web comic NAMESAKE, are bringing us MORE FAIRY TALES.

The duo has put together a new Kickstarter Project for VALOR: A Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines.

They've previously done successful Kickstarter Projects to fund paperback and hardcover releases of the first two volumes of NAMESAKE. Both books were created with high quality, and I reviewed them during this year's Fairy Tale Fortnight.

VALOR is a comic book anthology that brings together writers and illustrators who love fairy tales to create 17 short stories and 5 prose stories. "The anthology will be young adult friendly and in color, each story being 4 to 15 pages long. That's more than 200 pages of new fairy tales!"

"Stories that they’re working on include retellings of classics such as Prunella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wild Swans, and the Little Mermaid. There’s also brand new fairy tales such as the tale of a badass mom, who’s also a knight and a brave hare seeking the blessing of the seasons."

Featured stories will be included by:

Some of the coolest things about this Kickstarter?

~They've already reached their $40,000 stretch goal, which means they will be donating books to LIBRARIES. If you're a librarian, you can get in touch with Megan Lavey-Heaton about a copy of the book for your library!
~I'm really hoping the project reaches at least $50k so that I can get the book in hardcover to match my already-existing hardcovers! Heck, I'd love to see it reach $65k so that the prose stories are included in the anthology and not just digital! We'd be getting a 300+ page book, people! ^.~ 

~You can pledge as little as $5. A $5 pledge gets you "a digital DRM-free copy of VALOR, your choice of digital wallpaper, and your name on the thank you page in the book! A $30 pledge gets you all that, a paperback copy of VALOR, and more!
~Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon can be trusted to send you the final product. You're NOT throwing money away. You're about to get a quality product!

But seriously, these are some good-quality books! 
Here's a vlog from FTF where I show off how awesome these bound copies look:

YouTube Link

VALOR will begin shipping out in February 2015. 
You have until August 30th to secure your copy and help fund the book into reality!


Megan is also recommending this ongoing high fantasy comic kickstarter for AMYA, Volume I, that has NOT received enough funding yet. I'm about to take a look at it now: