Celebrating My Birthday with THIS BOOK and THESE NAILS! ^.~

Hey guys!

Soooooooo today is my birthday!

*Throws confetti*

Since we're all bookworms here, I have a confession:

Every year, I make sure I'm not reading anything leading up to my birthday so that I don't have to worry about finishing that book, etc. On my birthday, I pick a special book to read. It can be something I'm dying to read or re-read or an author I love that had a new book out that I was savoring...anything, really.

Do you do that, too? I want to know I'm not the only bookworm who chooses something special to read on a birthday JUST BECAUSE! ^.~

This year, I've chosen to read (...or, at least, BEGIN. Since I won't be home for much of today!) the second book in The School for Good and Evil trilogy, A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES:

I've been wanting to read it forever. I had an ARC in my greedy little hands at ALA, then I ran into Soman Chainani himself and he convinced me to wait for the finished copy with the artwork from Iacopo Bruno. ^^ Which I was okay with because ARTWORK! And then I had an issue getting the book on time, so I didn't read it for Fairy Tale Fortnight. After that, of course, I wanted to read non-fairy tale-themed books for a while...

But I get a little ache in my heart every time I see this book staring at me balefully from my overflowing nightstand TBR pile.

Beautiful book, you are my birthday choice! No more tears!!!

I ALSO usually do something special with my nails for my birthday. I'm re-doing them tonight because I'm going on vacation, though, so I didn't do anything fancy today.

BUT I am in love with this current nail polish. It's "Mermaid's Tale" by JulieG (Sold exclusively at Rite-Aid). You can see how the thumb color looks different from the color on the other nails, but it's NOT. It's picking up the light differently. The polish is this beautiful teal that has a holographic sheen to it in the sunlight. It also has flecks of black when you look deeply. It's impossible to catch the color's beauty on camera! But I have been staring at my nails ALL WEEK.

And...let's face it. It's COMPLETELY appropriate to wear week-old nail polish on your birthday if it is MERMAID NAIL POLISH! ^.~

Anyway! Even though I'm going on vacation, I've still put together a week's worth of great posts for you!

Check it out:

I'm leaving you in good hands! ^.~

See you in a week! (Unless you're on Twitter, because, well, so is my smartphone!)


  1. I love when a polish so beautiful you can't help staring at it all the time! ALiquidLacquer's "Silmarillion Collection" are like that for me.
    I haven't ever considered reading a book for my birthday that is just for me, but that's probably because (not being a dedicated book blogger) I always read a book I want to read. I have, however, spent my birthday doing nothing but eating, walking around town, and reading before. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL birthday, enjoy the nails, and have fun with AWWP!

  2. Have a awesome birthday. Good book choice love it!!


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