Happy Fault in our Stars Day!

Happy premiere day to one of this summer's most anticipated movies, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, based on the New York Times Bestselling novel from Printz Winner John Green!

 Are you ready to be completely wrecked?

I'm not sure I can handle seeing this one in theaters...

If you go, definitely make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara.  And bring tissues!  Lots and lots of tissues...

It's amazing to see how far this movie has come. It was originally going to open in limited release before going wide. Do you even remember that?  Then the movie studio realized just what a big hit they had on their hands!

Will you be seeing this one?  Will you do so in theaters, or are you going to wait because you're too afraid to  cry in public?  ^.~


  1. I saw it today and it was amazing. To tell you the truth I don't cry easily. So even though the story was heartbreaking I only shed a few tears. On the other hand my mom and sister had to pull out the tissues.


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