{Cover Reveal} A COLD LEGACY by Megan Shepherd

We're still in that exciting time where new covers are being revealed!

My favorite from last week was A COLD LEGACY by Megan Shpherd. I am in *love* with the new cover.

I still need to catch up on reading HER DARK CURIOSITY (*eep! Runs and hides*), but I've previously reviewed THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER (Which has "won" a place on my Best of 2013 list for "Best Kiss") and interviewed author Megan Shepherd!

Here's a peek at the first two covers in the series:

And here is your first look at the stunning new cover in this trilogy:

A COLD LEGACY by Megan Shepherd
Out Jan. 27, 2015
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While all three covers have the ability to remind me of a painting, neither of the first two books compare to the third in this sense. The colors are so lush and beautiful. I want to step right into that image and join her!

I also like the way the cover is more vibrant than the first two. It just really stands out and is extra-appealing. The colors are very crisp and eye-catching.

I'm also a fan of the way all three covers have the girl wearing a red sash that stands out as a pop of color against the white/black dress being worn. Additionally, the title font for each book also pulls its color from the sash.

You see her shoulder in all three covers, but she looks the least vulnerable in the third cover when this skin is revealed. Juliet is made of firmer stuff now than she was at the start of her journey. She's also peering out at scenery that includes water on all three covers. I just love how all three are so SIMILAR, even while they're so DIFFERENT, you know?

I think these covers are great as a whole, and A COLD LEGACY is my favorite of the three!

What do you think of this cover?
Are you excited to read the series???