Cover Reveal Round-Ups from Claudia Gray and Lauren DeStefano!

Last week revealed some big covers for series that everyone has been buzzing about from Claudia Gray and Lauren DeStefano.

Are you ready to see???

Out Nov. 4, 2014
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Okay,  so this cover makes me sit up and pay attention. Jaime from Two Chicks on Books keeps telling me this book is amazing and that I should read it. And I'm like,  "Meh,  sci-fi." And then she tells me things about how it is in RUSSIA and don't I love Leigh Bardugo's SHADOW AND BONE series?  (Yes. Yes,  I do...) And the series is called Firebird, which feels very fantasy. I love this cover and it DOES make me want to read it. So much sci-fi has left a bad taste in my mouth that it just makes me afraid, I guess...

Out March 10, 2015
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Wait, wait, that looks nothing like the first book!  I know you're saying it. I did, too. I hate when a cover gets redesigned when you already have books in the series with the old covers.

But Lauren DeStefano is very lucky to always get great cover treatments. She had a big say in the design for this treatment and loves how meaningful it is.

And you know what a new treatment means?

Yep,  a new look for PERFECT RUIN!

PERFECT RUIN by Lauren DeStefano
Hardcover out now; paperback with new cover out March 10, 2015
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Original Cover:

Which treatment do you like better?

Which cover reveals were your favorites?
What are you most excited to read???