BEA 2014 Highlights, Day One

Because sometimes, we like posting things together, too!

Hey bookworms!

We've already done so much in the short time we've been here!

If you're following me on Pinterest and Twitter, you've already seen some great stuff Kat and I have found. If not, what are you waiting for?

Here's a peek at my favorite moments from yesterday:

My favorite of all?  Meeting Gregory Maguire,
who inspired me to love a villain's backstory
and write about them. I freaked out. A lot.
He has a new novel coming out entitled

Meeting Garth Nix!  I got so tongue-tied with him! 

Harlequin Teen Hour!  Kat was most excited
about meeting Julie Kagawa and getting TALON.
 But we also got to meet Jennifer Armentrout,
Dawn Metcalf, Robin Talley, and Adi Alsaid!

I have all three of the tote bags I wanted...
HEIR OF FIRE,  DEEP BLUE (it turns into a
reversible towel! So soft!) and THE DARKEST MINDS! 

Going to Egmont's fifth year anniversary breakfast! 

They featured five of their authors:
Sarah Cross, Michael Grant,  Christopher Myers, Micol Ostow, and Jessica Verday.

I got to sit next to Sarah Cross at breakfast and chat. She is so nice
And sweet and get dress that looked like Houndstooth was really
cute bunnies! 
Lived listening to Michael Grant talk! 

Christopher was a riot! He's known for his picture
books, but he's coming it with his first novel...
about Joan of Arc!
Loved chatting with this man! 

 And that's a wrap!  We're o ff to a Spencer Hill Press breakfast and then Day 2 of BEA!


  1. How exciting! I hope you enjoyed it!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x

  2. Looks like your guys having an great time! Hope to see you Saturday at book con

  3. I haven't heard of a lot of these authors or read a lot of their books. I have heard about Sarah Cross, but have yet to read one of her novels.


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