21 ebook deals under $4.99 while deals last!

Today on Twitter, I saw that Victoria Scott's 
 brand-new novel FIRE & FLOOD 
is on sale for $2.99! 
I've been interested in reading this, so I blind-bought it.
Then I went, "Hmm, what else is on sale?"

I'm sharing some of those findings with you right now!

I've rounded up some GREAT ebook deals for you to enjoy!
  While these are all deals I saw on my nook, 
they should also be available for my Kindle friends!

Keep reading to see 
great deals ranging from


Tell me what you're going to choose!

***It was only 2 weeks ago that I last did this, and some of those books are still on sale!
For example, MISTWOOD by Leah Cypess and DEAD GIRLS DON'T LIE by Jennifer Shaw Wolf still $1.99, and books such as CINDER by Marissa Meyer, UNREMEMBERED by Jessica Brody, and WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L. Armentrout are still $2.99!***

Check out all the books in that post for some more great deals! 


I adore GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers! I gushed all over it when I reviewed it. For $1.99, if you take a chance on nothing else, take a chance on this! It's historical fantasy, and there are assassins. And original mythology. And romance! Interested yet?

When I first saw DREAMS AND SHADOWS by  C. Robert Cargill, the cover caught my eye. And it was the first book in a new fantasy series, and the reviews were pretty good! But I have yet to get my hands on a copy...until now!

SUDDENLY ROYAL by Nichole Chase started out as an indie title, but was quickly snatched up by a major publisher and released nationwide. I've been meaning to read this rags to riches tale, and now's my chance!

I've never read STOLEN by Lucy Christopher, but a co-worker has, and she thought it was a really important read. It features kidnapping and is certainly not for the light of heart!

KIKI STRIKE: INSIDE THE SHADOW CITY by Kirsten Miller is another title I'm not familiar with but have heard great recommendations for.  I'm not even sure what this is about because the Goodreads summary doesn't give much away, but it's categorized as fantasy, so...!

PARTIALS by Dan Wells is for everyone who loves dystopian fiction with a heavy sci-fi slant!


FIRE & FLOOD by Victoria Scott, the book that started today's post! I've heard great things about this fantasy novel and am surprised to see it on sale for so cheap! It's a brand-new book! Scholastic did this a couple months ago when DEFY by Sara B. Larson first came out, too, so maybe they're promoting big new debuts for cheap to create buzz. I like it!

This season, THE WINNER'S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski is getting a lot of buzz! To celebrate its release, Macmillan is offering Rutkoski's previous YA novel, THE SHADOW SOCIETY, at a great price! Check out my review and pick up this unique sci-fi novel now!  

FIREFLY LANE by Kristin Hannah created a lot of buzz when it came out! It's supposed to give you a good ugly cry. I have a copy, and someday I'll get around to reading it! (I had someone spoil the ending for me, so...!)

THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass is a teen fantasy dystopian series that gets a lot of buzz! I r&r the first book, and when THE ONE comes out this spring, I'll read the rest of the series!

I've read several of Lisa Scottoline's new line of novels. Her contemporary fiction appeal to me in a way that her mysteries don't. One of the books was recommended for fans of Jodi Picoult (or perhaps blurbed by Picoult...I forget) and caught my attention, and they all sound so interesting! COME HOME is one still waiting to be read, but I can't wait to do so!

You've heard me gush before about Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental series.  You can snag the first three books in this great YA fantasy/elemental magic series, STORM, SPARK, and SPIRIT for a great price right now! What are you waiting for?


One of the first people to ever follow my blog was A.G. Howard! At the time, she was still looking for a home for SPLINTERED, her crazy version of Alice in Wonderland. I've been so happy for all of her recent success with the title, and encourage you to check it out if you haven't done so already!


I'm a huge fan of Shannon Hale! THE GOOSE GIRL is one of my favorite books by her. It's a fairy tale retelling, and very well-done!

I personally didn't love THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner, a popular dystopian series, but I know a lot of people who adore it! It's going to be a movie later this year, so it's a great time to check it out!

You are living under a rock if you've never heard of John Green. You can check out his novel PAPER TOWNS now for a great price and see why he's the current reigning king of contemporary YA!

LEGEND by Marie Lu is another popular dystopian series. I gulped the first one down, but waited until CHAMPION was out to read PRODIGY...um...which I haven't had time to actually go ahead and read yet. 2014, here I come! Check out the beginning of the trilogy now!

FALLEN by Lauren Kate is a popular paranormal series that helped kick off the angel trend. And it has some great covers!

I bought STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson the last time it went on sale, but haven't had a chance to read it yet! I know it is fantasy. And that there are superheroes. And that's enough knowledge for me! *grabby hands*

What great deals have you indulged in recently?

...which of these books will you snag?
I'm curious! 


  1. I'm sorry the ending of Firefly Lane got spoiled for you, but I can guarantee you will still enjoy the book because you will feel so attached to the characters. I'm hoping to reread it within the next month.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for letting me know about Flood & Fire. I am totally getting. Kiki Strike is good, too, and I like the Elemental series, too.


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