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This is one of my favorite posts of the entire week! I've really been looking forward to sharing it with you. ^_^

Today, I'm sharing a video featuring three awesome, unique picture books that revolve around Rapunzel. One is set in the groovy 1970s and Rapunzel's wicked aunt looks like Roald Dahl's infamous Mrs. Trunchbull. Another is full of fun, silly rhymes and misunderstandings. The third is a very classical version of the tale, albeit with a new setting and gorgeous illustration.

Check out my video review of what makes these three books so special.
The following images are STUNNING and really make the books!

The books in the video...

TITLE: RAPUNZEL: A Groovy Fairy Tale
Author: Retold by Lynn Roberts with illustrations by David Roberts
Release Date: Out now (Sept. 1, 2003)
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Received: Borrowed


Rapunzel visits the trendy '70s in this far-out retelling...

Rapunzel, like everyone else in the 1970s, has long hair. But only Rapunzel, from atop a penthouse in which she is imprisoned by her evil Aunt Esme, has hair so long that it sweeps the sidewalk in front of the building. The elevators don't work, so Aunt Esme uses Rapunzel's hair to come and go. And poor Rapunzel spends day after lonely day surrounded by orange-and-brown-patterned walls and shag carpeting, listening to her beloved LPs. Then, at last, a handsome stranger climbs up Rapunzel's hair...why, he's the glam-rock prince of her dreams!

David Roberts's funky 1970s illustrations give this Rapunzel an exciting new twist. Bellbottoms, disco balls, and long sideburns make this the funkiest fairy tale ever!
Author: Leah Wilcox with illustrations by Lydia Monks
Release Date: Out now (Dec. 1, 2005)
Publisher: Penguin / Puffin
Received: Borrowed


The prince is hoping to fall for Rapunzel, but since she can't quite hear what he asks for, everything but her hair gets tossed out her window. Instead of her curly locks, she throws her dirty socks. Instead of silky tresses, out go lacey dresses. And you can predict the guaranteed-to-crack-kids-up clothing she sends down when the prince simply says hair. . . .

Finally Rapunzel heaves out something that makes all the prince's dreams come true, showing how misunderstandings can lead to happily-ever-after.

Hilarious text, clever page-turns, and vibrant, eclectic art make this a non-traditional Rapunzel kids will want to read about again and again.
Author: Retold/illustrated by Rachel Isadora
Release Date: Out now (Oct. 16, 2008)
Publisher: Penguin / Putnam Juvenile
Received: Borrowed


Caldecott Honor winner Rachel Isadora's gorgeous collages breathe new life into this classic tale, capturing Rapunzel's striking beauty and the lush African setting, a new home for this story.

With wonderful details such as Rapunzel's long dreadlocks and the prince's noble steed, a zebra. Readers will delight in the vibrant illustrations, thrill at the appearances of the frightening sorceress, and chime in with the familiar line, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, as they follow this well-loved tale.


  1. Bonnie these books look so cute. This has been such a great week. Thanks for hosting this amazing event.

  2. What a fun collection of picture books. Roger is such a 70's name. Too funny. Rachel Isadora's Rapunzel looks gorgeous. I will have to see if my library has it.


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