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Today, Rachael from Rachael Turns Pages has stopped by to review TOWERING by Alex Flinn!

Rachael is also hosting A Month of Rapunzel in March!

...Yes, that's right, a whole month of our favorite golden-haired heroine!!!

She's looking for guest posters now, so shoot her an email at rachaelc1020atgmail.com if you want to get in on the action!

For now, sit back and enjoy learning more about Alex Flinn's bestselling novel TOWERING!


Book: Towering
Author: Alex Flinn
Publication: May 2013
Source: Local Library
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Summary (From Goodreads):
At first, I merely saw his face, his hands on the window ledge. Then, his whole body as he swung himself through the window. Only I could not see what he swung on. Until, one day, I told my dream self to look down. And it was then that I saw. He had climbed on a rope. I knew without asking that the rope had been one of my own tying.

 Rachel is trapped in a tower, held hostage by a woman she’s always called Mama. Her golden hair is growing rapidly, and to pass the time, she watches the snow fall and sings songs from her childhood, hoping someone, anyone, will hear her.

 Wyatt needs time to reflect or, better yet, forget about what happened to his best friend, Tyler. That’s why he’s been shipped off to the Adirondacks in the dead of winter to live with the oldest lady in town. Either that, or no one he knows ever wants to see him again.

 Dani disappeared seventeen years ago without a trace, but she left behind a journal that’s never been read, not even by her overbearing mother…until now.

 A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Alex Flinn knows her fairy tales, and Towering is her most mind-bending interpretation yet. Dark and mysterious, this reimagining of Rapunzel will have readers on the edge of their seats wondering where Alex will take them next

My Thoughts:

I have seen a lot of low star ratings and negative reviews for TOWERING and honestly I can't see why. I see as a retelling how Alex Flinn add so many different aspects to the story of Rapunzel. This is not just another Rapunzel story. This story has mystery and suspense.

The mystery was my favorite part of the book. Wyatt goes to live with Mrs. Greenwood, possibly the oldest woman in their small town. Mrs. Greenwood's daughter Danielle disappeared some 17 years ago. Wyatt isn't in the house long before he starts discovering secrets. I had a lot  of suspense waiting to find out what happened to Danielle and where the story of Rapunzel was going to come in.

Wyatt's character was my favorite since he was the main character of the book. I really liked that he was adventurous and willing to find out what was going on in this town. Rachel was our Rapunzel trapped in the tower. She dreamed of a life outside of it and I think she was naive enough to be believable.

As in most fairy tale retellings, there was a lot of instant love in TOWERING. Sometimes it seemed a little far fetched. I think with a few more pages added to this novel, Flinn could have developed the story a lot better.

I really loved all the twists and turns and how all the characters were connected in one way or another. Finding out the truth of the mystery at the end was my favorite part. This was a very light hearted Rapunzel story. I really do enjoy the darker elements of the fairy tales so that was a little disappointing, but didn't totally let the book down. I really enjoyed this character driven novel. I can't wait to read more books by Alex Flinn. This would be my second. I recommend you read this novel and make your own opinion. I didn't have high expectations for the novel besides the fact that I love Rapunzel and my expectations of TOWERING were exceeded.

Thanks for reading!

My name is Rachael. I want to give a huge thanks to Bonnie for letting me guest post over on her blog. Rapunzel just do happens to be my favorite fairy tale ever since I was little. I run the blog Rachael Turns Pages and have been for a little over a year. I review any book under the sun, but my favorite kind of books to read are young adult contemporary, fairy tale retellings, and dystopian. I also read quite a few adult authors and enjoy reviewing their books also. In all truth I like to keep my blog interesting by keeping variety on it.

I'm currently a college freshman and somehow although not so gracefully balancing blogging with studying, friends, and other responsibilities. I'm an elementary education/special education major.

I invite you to come visit my blog. I will be hosting A Month of Rapunzel in March and would love to find some guest reviewers who love Rapunzel as much as I do. 


  1. Thanks for letting me guest post Bonnie. This week has been so amazing. Thank You for adverstising about A Month of Rapunzel. I'm so excited. I will email you soon about guest posting I have some ideas of what you could do. You do need to read Towering soon. I will have to read Beastly.

  2. Love that the book is rated with lanterns! clever. I have only read Flynn's Beastly, but I will have to check this one out. So many books, so little time!


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