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Laura from trips down imagination road
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Book One, BROKEN,
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SAVING RAPUNZEL by Jamie Campbell
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Fallen Kisses by M A Thomas

Zel has been saved from her tower by Fallen Angel, Xavier, but there is still a long road ahead of them. The witch that trapped Zel in the tower in the first place still wants her back, and Zel has to control her jealousy over Xavier's tryst with Lela which saved her life. But add to that that the vampires seem to think that her long golden hair makes her their new source of mortality, and happily ever after becomes much more difficult than Zel first thought...

Just as a warning, this is an adult retelling of Rapunzel, and has sexually explicit scenes that aren't suitable for younger readers. But saying that, if you took out the sex scenes (which thankfully aren't every other page anyway!) you would still be left with a plot, and an enjoyable plot at that!

Though there are many differences between Zel and the traditional story of Rapunzel, most notably that Fallen Kisses is set after the original rescue from the tower, and that all possible subsequent rescues involve Zel herself taking the initiative to try and escape herself. If she'd been the simpering/needed to constantly be rescued type of Rapunzel I think I would probably have lost patience!

The way the worlds of all of the different paranormal creatures in Fallen Kisses wove together worked well I thought, especially with who was working with who. Added to that not all of the same kind were good or bad, it was a mix, making it much more enjoyable and realistic to read. Well other than the fact that Fallen Angels and vampires don't actually exist.

If you can look past the sex scenes then I would say that this was a retelling of Rapunzel that is worth your attention! Plus its only a quick read!

Title: Fallen Kisses: BROKEN
Author: M.A. Thomas
Release Date: Feb. 13, 2013
Publisher: M.A. Thomas
The Fallen Kisses Series is an angel romance retelling of Rapunzel. It is a spin-off series of M.A. Thomas' Golden Erotic Tales.

At 5,800 words, Broken is the first episode. In Broken, brokenhearted twenty-one-year-old Zel is finally free to leave the tower, the place that has held her prisoner her entire life, after a witch took her from her parents when she was an infant.

Saving Rapunzel by Jamie Campbell

What if the evil witch wasn't actually evil? What if everything she did was to try and save the little girl left in her care? That is what happens when the Kingdom is besieged and Thalia is made to promise the Queen that she will keep her daughter safe until it was safe to return. But as Rapunzel grows older she gets restless in the tower, and starts to clash with Thalia about going outside, but when she starts talking to a handsome blonde knight from her window, Thalia decides to take drastic action, which could have severe consequences.

This is only a novella, so is a quick read, and of all the fairy tale retellings I've read it is probably the most faithful to the original. You have most of the classic components of the Rapunzel fairy tale (though without the Grimm's blinding and pregnancy), yet with the twist of what the witch thinks. I liked the way that Thalia was shown to be fairly logical in her reasons behind doing what she did, especially considering that as the recipient, Rapunzel would probably see them as her being 'evil'.

Also another side note, never read of a red-headed Rapunzel before! I liked it! I also liked the fact that all of the female characters in the story (which is most of the characters it must be said!) were all strong and independent people. They didn't need the men around them, and seemed to be respected by those around them.

I really enjoyed this, a quick read but a different look at the story of Rapunzel!

Author: Jamie Campbell
Release Date: May 25, 2013
Publisher: Jamie Campbell
History is told from one person’s perspective. Sometimes they don’t get it right.

The witch of the tower has been portrayed as being mean and evil spirited for too long. Now it is time for her tell her side of the story.

While Rapunzel laments her imprisonment in a tower, the witch Thalia tries to convince her it’s for her own good. Afraid to go outside, Thalia fears the knights are coming to harm them.

When a persistent man continues to speak to Rapunzel, Thalia knows she must do something to stop him getting to her. With her hair growing longer, it will only be a matter of time before he can reach her.

Vowing to keep a promise she made sixteen years ago, Thalia makes a decision that could ruin the kingdom forever.

Revisit the charming tale of Rapunzel as told from the perspective of the witch who kept her captive.

About Laura: 

My name is Laura, and I'm the reviewer at trips down imagination road

I've loved books and reading for as long as I can remember, I had to learn to read to exercise my eyes when I was 2 (I had one of those patches) which might explain it! When I was younger you would barely find me without a book to hand (and now its my Kindle, a fantastic invention that means I can carry a library around with me!) 

One of the first books that I do remember reading by myself is THE BUTTERFLY LION by Micheal Morpergo, an author whom I had the good luck to meet and have sign my copy (that is a very special treasure of mine!) I also have a signed Brandon Sanderson book THE WAY OF KINGS which I won after writing a Cage Match between Vin and Quick Ben. 

Other than reading, I love to cook and bake, as well as drink tea! I am a massive tea fanatic, Mum keeps complaining about the amount of different types I have! My favourite colour is green and I always wear a Thomas Sabo necklace. I also love macaroons (a side effect of having lived in Paris I think!), particularly vanilla ones!

Check out Laura's blog trips down imagination road and follow her on Twitter!


  1. Fallen Kisses sounds awesome! I have no problem with sex scenes ;) None at all!

  2. Saving Rapunzel sounds like one to check out. Great review.


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