A Week of Rapunzel: Participation Linky

Welcome to A Week of Rapunzel in celebration of our favorite long-haired heroine...
not to mention the launch of Marissa Meyer's CRESS!
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From February 2nd to 9th, if you post any book reviews, giveaways, vlogs, feature articles, etc. about Marissa Meyer's CRESS and/or Rapunzel (And various other Lunar Chronicles-related goodies!), be sure to link up here so that we can all take a peek at what you did!

 All you have to do is link your post below like this: 

 Title of Post (Website) 
 [Ex. Top Ten Ways To Escape From A Tower (A Backwards Story)] 

 Thank you for helping us make the launch week for CRESS special!

And don't forget to grab and feature the A Week of Rapunzel button and / or banner in your posts for extra giveaway entries!

You'll get +5 in every giveaway if you've been helping promote the event...and there are some GOOD giveaways coming!

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